Major Error During Monday’s WWE Raw Main Event Segment

According to sources in attendance at WWE Monday Night Raw, there was a major production error during the main event segment featuring Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Big Show and The Shield.

As people who saw the show might have noticed, there was an awkward commercial break when Big Show was given his job back by Stephanie McMahon, right after the Shield’s entrance music played. A source in attendance noted that during the break, the ring went dark and Stephanie talked Big Show through a production error. Triple H left the ring, grabbed a headset and looked legitimately upset at something. When they came back from the break, the promo resumed largely as if nothing had happened, and they continued on to the handicap match that saw Big Show face off against Randy Orton and all three members of The Shield, followed by a post match beat down.

It’s not known exactly what the problem was, but it’s likely somebody queued The Shield’s music too early, so they had to cut to a commercial to fix it.

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