Major Stars Miss Impact Taping, Knockout In Hooters Contest

— Both Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle missed Wednesday’s Impact Wrestling taping in Macon, Georgia. Therefore, both talents will not be appearing on the November 3 and November 10 episodes.

Angle is suffering from a hamstring injury. He is also missing this week’s California live events despite being advertised.

— Numerous NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling talents were used as extras at Wednesday’s Impact Wrestling taping in Macon, Georgia including Sal Rinauro, J Rod, AJ Steele, Dustin Robinson, Cru Jones, Chip Day, Corey Hollis and ring announcer Miss Allie.

— Brooke Tessmacher, who serves plates of hot wings at a Hooters restaurant in Kirby, Texas when she’s not bashing heads in TNA, is in the running for the 2011 Hooters Girls Halloween Costume Contest. The Hooters Girl who garners the most online votes wins $3,000. To vote for the TNA Knockout, click here.

See photo of ODB in a Hooters outfit

sources:, Wrestling Globe Newsletter