Major Title Changes And Return At WWE Hell In A Cell PPV

– Kane returned to action at Sunday’s WWE Hell In A Cell pay-per-view, making the save for The Miz while Eric Rowan and Luke Harper of the Wyatt Family were attacking him. However, Kane ended that segment by laying The Miz out with his chokeslam.

– John Cena returned to the ring from tricep surgery after only 2 months, and defeated Alberto Del Rio to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. This is Cena’s 14th World Championship reign, and his 3rd as World Heavyweight Champion.

– Randy Orton won the vacant WWE Title by defeating Daniel Bryan in the main event of Sunday’s Hell In a Cell pay-per-view.

  • Rick Robinson

    HHH’s record has been beaten. I’ll be damned.

  • Atl The Sports Town

    Don’t trust Kane at all. That evil bastard turned on his own brother lol

  • Atl The Sports Town

    But happy the Miz got choked slammed lol

  • Cody Mix

    Cena back for one night and grabs a championship just like that. Boo.

  • Xtterb

    Just a thought.. Wrestlemania 30 is right around the corner and with cena having this title and more than likely D Bry will have the WWE title….. could we see champion vs champion at WM30? Its something to think about.