Major Upcoming WWE Raw Sold Out, Latest On Hulk Hogan’s Legal Battle Over Sex Tape

– The February 24th WWE RAW from Green Bay, Wisconsin has been sold out since this past Tuesday. This is the RAW where Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker are expected to return, the night after Elimination Chamber and the night of the WWE Network launch. One fan in Green Bay couldn’t remember the last time a WWE event in Green Bay sold out that far in advance.

– The New York Daily News has a new article with an update on Hulk Hogan’s on-going legal battle against Gawker. According to their article, Gawker has filed papers demanding emails from Hogan’s lawyer and publicist, specifically in regards to Hogan’s October 2012 media tour, including appearances on Howard Stern, as discussion of Hogan’s affairs took place.

Gawker has previously requested the material but Hogan’s side has refused. It appears they are trying to prove that there was a coordinated effort to get word out about the sex tape.

As noted before, Hogan is seeking damages for the website releasing the sex tape of himself and Heather Clem, the ex-wife of his former best friend Bubba The Love Sponge. Hogan has denied he knew he was being filmed.

  • Raihan Khan

    well if hogan can fuck young girls at age 64, gawker can video tape it, no problem

  • Latoya

    Hopefully all goes as planned, but this wouldn’t be the first time creative lets down the fans,but on the other hand it’s good that they can still sell out arenas.