Marco in Mexico with Mark Jindrak – My WWE Royal Rumble Experience & Rumble Thoughts

It may be the cold months, but winter keeps it hot with all the great events. We have basketball in full swing, the Super Bowl is around the corner, and another installment of WWE’s Royal Rumble.

The great thing about the rumble every year is the mystery of the whole thing. Who of those 30 men will have what it takes to be the last man standing in the ring? What wrestlers will have an early entry which obviously makes it harder to go the length? Who will get a late entry and better their chances? For the Super Bowl it’s pretty simple…..Seattle or Denver……best defense vs best offense!! However with 30 horses to choose from in the Royal Rumble the conversation opens up to a lot of possibilities. So let’s dig in and look.

From the field of competitors I have 3 guys being the clear cut favorites. First I have CM Punk. He will have his work cut out for him because he is first man in. However, in my opinion, if he starts eliminating some people and paces himself, he could win. Momentum is everything in a battle like this. I believe with Punk’s never say die attitude and relentless scrappiness he could use the first entry as an advantage. Nonetheless it will be a very interesting storyline in the event.

Another favorite I have in the event is Batista. With his return last week to Raw and the “stare down” he had with super champion Randy Orton, this is the match we could be seeing for WrestleMania. Batista is in the best shape of his life right now after spending the past few years dedicated to MMA. He has dropped some weight from the last time we saw him in a WWE ring but I would imagine his explosiveness and cardio is off the charts right now. The endurance he acquired sparring numerous hours on the mat could come in handy in this rumble. In fact I think endurance could end up being the biggest factor.

My last pick to possibly win the rumble is not even officially a competitor. Yet…..For some reason I feel with a surprise entry we could see Daniel Bryan. Yes Yes Yes Daniel Bryan!! Right now he is easily one of the most popular names in the WWE. His Yes Yes Yes chant is everywhere and I was really surprised to not see his name on the list of entrants. He has a singles match at the Rumble but I feel in my gut we will see him surprise us and have something to do with this years Rumble. Maybe I’m hoping more than it will be a reality but I just can’t see Bryan not having a part in it.

My only Royal Rumble that I participated in was in 2005. That was the year Cena and Batista went over at the same time and we were up in the air for a winner. Vince McMahon came out to be the decision maker and in doing so injured himself. It was a really weird situation from where I saw it. It may have been the most controversial finish in the event’s history. So I guess if I were to perform in only one rumble at least it was a memorable one.

Royal Rumble 2005

I entered right in the middle of the pack and I stayed in for a decent while. The advantage I had was my then time partners Luther Reigns and Kurt Angle were in the rumble too. For that reason if someone was attacking me and trying to throw me out, Luther or Kurt would be there to break it up. On the other hand if I saw them in some danger I would come to their aid. My luck ran out when Kane grabbed ahold of my throat and chucked me over. Five Luther’s couldn’t have helped me in that moment.

From my one time short experience in there, I have things that stick out in my mind. One is, one must pace himself in this event. It was very exciting for your entry to come up and hit the ring like a ball of fire. However that is a great way to use up all your gas in the tank. The rumble is not a race, it’s a marathon. Pacing yourself is so important especially for the first entrants.

Royal Rumble 2005

Another thing is what I already mentioned about having allies. I know when it’s down to the final four or five entrants there are no allies but for the first 20-25 minutes of the rumble, allies are very useful in so many ways. Having some back in there will give you a small break here and there to grab a breath. As I already stated an ally can help in the early stages from you getting eliminated. Really the longer you stay in there , the greater your chances are.

The last thing I think is a key is the ability to be opportunistic. You have to be sly. There is no shame in laying low for a minute to catch your breath and letting some of the others eliminate themselves. Maybe you have a big guy tossing two or three men over at a time. Then when he’s tossed that third guy over, guess who’s there to attack him from the back and toss him over. You get the point. So in a nutshell four guys eliminated and you only had to use one stiff forearm or a dropkick. Opportunistic. The ones that can walk this line will help themselves dramatically in the contest.

So there is my take on the Royal Rumble match. Who do you all have winning and why? Hope everyone enjoys this years pay per view and stay right here at for all the great news and coverage of this years super event .

Hasta luego!! -Marco in Mexico

Feel free to post your thoughts, opinions, feedback and comments below.

  • David Garcia

    I really hope “smart” fans read this and try to take the Royal Rumble as it is intended, which is to be watched with suspended disbelief, and will appreciate the psychology that WWE is trying to present in this unique match, which Marco lays out very well.

    And I say this as the typical know-it-all, who often doesn’t enjoy the Royal Rumble itself because I’m preoccupied with trying to figure out who is going to win. Sometimes we need to enjoy the race rather than counting down the laps to the finish line.

    • Mark Jindrak

      Totally agree David. I never go to a movie and try to find out every morsal of the end. I just like to take it as a real rumble. Fight to the death type thing. It’s a real life hunger games but with improv. Sometimes we all just to dumb it down and enjoy the incredible show the majority of the superstars are trying to put on for the history and the fans. Unique concept if you really think about it. Thanks for reading

      • David Garcia

        I’m as guilty as anybody, but I think in our effort to be “smart” fans sometimes we set ourselves up to never be satisfied with what wrestling gives us, unless it fits our very narrow expectation.

        Honestly, I blame Meltzer for training so many fans to become critics with fantasy booking, star ratings, and the need to be smarter than everybody who actually produce the wrestling, rather than just fans.

        Thanks for replying and keep reminding us readers that it’s still OK to just be fans.

      • Xx_Deadpool_xX

        I think you are very very underated man ….and Sean O’Haire as well.

  • TheUndertaker21

    really interesting article Mark! it’s really nice to hear in ring actions from the experiences wrestler as you, you give us the other side of wrestling that we can’t think about unless we’re wrestler, it’s always great posting articles, It’s really interesting to read. I would assume Batista will Win, and I think that SHEAMUS for sure will return in one numbers probably No.27, also Jake Roberts or others.

    • Mark Jindrak

      Thanks, I love to share my experiences. I had a great time in wwe . Maybe to great of a time haha!! But nonetheless by sharing my times it helps me keep those memories fresh and glad to hear the fans enjoy it. Thanks for reading and enjoy the rumble if you watch it

      • TheUndertaker21

        wow! man I never ever expected you to answer! thanks so so much for that, first time ever a wwe superstar answered me :), a dream come true. thanks so so much. oh hell yeah, I am from Kurdistan Region and by the time of PPV it’s already 4:00 AM in my place but I will wake up and watch it live , I won’t gonna miss it.enjoy Royal Rumble Sir and thanks for the answer once again :)

      • bigmanfromnewfoundland

        Nice to read your articles here every other week. Good look at things sensibly, logically and as a fan of the sport. Enjoyed you as a wrestler and enjoying your input to the sport. Keep it up!

        • Xx_Deadpool_xX

          man im from newfoundland too. You in the CBN Area

          • bigmanfromnewfoundland

            Western region – Deer Lake

          • Xx_Deadpool_xX

            ahh im in harbour grace

  • Mr Slippyfist

    Another great article man. Your insider views and opinions have been a lot of fun to read.

    My predictions are like yours. The three guys you mentioned have the best chances at winning. Even the unknown entry of Daniel Bryan, which I completely agree with you, on it being possible. If he is a surprise entrant, I say he will win.

    Everyone online is claiming Dave as the winner, but I would love to see someone like Dolph Ziggler win (I know it won’t happen…this year.)

    Anyway, keep up the good work man.