Maria Kanellis Posts Several Tweets During E!’s “Total Divas” Slamming The Bella Twins

Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis continued her online assault of The Bella Twins’ personal characters during E!’s Total Divas premiere as The First Lady of ROH posted numerous messages on Twitter slamming the twin duo.

During the episode, Nikki and Brie referred to themselves as veterans in the WWE Divas locker room. Kanellis responded, “Hahahaha ha!!!! The Bellas are vets?” Minutes later, she re-tweeted a fan message stating, “The audacity these untalented broads have. Then you have Nattie who rocks and is an absolute sweetheart.”

A fan then asked Kanellis, “Are the Bellas talented at anything?” She responded, “yes. Can you guess what?”

Kanellis then sent out the following message to her Twitter followers in reference to Nikki and Brie referring to themselves as veterans in WWE: “Every time the Bellas say they are vets it makes me want to vomit!”

Midway through the show, Nikki was depicted as concerned that her relationship with John Cena was not progressing as fast as her sister Brie’s partnership with Daniel Bryan and asked the Cenation leader about their status over dinner. Cena dodged the marriage query, but assured Nikki that she’s the only woman for him. In response to the scene, Kanellis wrote, “N Bella, “We’ve been together for 5 minutes, lets get married.” JC, “My divorce hasn’t been finalized, I can’t.”

In the show-closing angle, The Bella Twins and The Funkadactyls shared in disappointment that their scheduled match at WrestleMania 29 was cut due to time constraints. Kanellis taunted the Bella sisters over having their dreams dashed, writing, “Awwwww poor Bellas. Kharma is a bitch. @TotalDivasE but I feel bad for the Funkadactyls.”

Though Kanellis posted multiple messages burying The Bella Twins, she felt Total Divas was a “great show.”

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  • Luke

    Why can’t you all play nicely instead of making the industry look like high school?

  • Gina Thorne

    Because they ruined hers and 2 other former divas chances to return to the wwe

  • dmanigo

    Not gonna lie, the whole Bellas being top divas kind of threw me off a little bit. Bottom line, if it wasn’t for this Total Divas show, no one would be giving 2 sh*ts about the divas.

  • Kevin

    Wow!! Maria Kanellis is just a little bitter i take it!! We get it you hate the Bellas! Now please shut the hell up!