Mark Henry On His Feud With John Cena, New WWE Contract, Backstage Heat With JBL, More

WWE Superstar Mark Henry joined Jay Mohr for “Mohr Stories” on this week.

The two discussed Henry’s recent feud with former WWE Champion John Cena, and how he reached out to celebrities and used Twitter to foreshadow his retirement from pro wrestling. Mohr stated that Henry even worked him over, telling him weeks before the event that he was “tired” and “sick of waking up with his knees hurting”, even convincing his friends that he was headed towards retirement. Mark’s wife Jana was on hand for the interview, and confirmed that Henry even told her he was planning on retiring almost one month before giving John Cena the World’s Strongest Slam on Monday Night Raw.

Below are a couple more highlights of the interview:

At 42 years old, Mark Henry has signed a new three year deal with the company, but one of his key priorities remains at home: “I want to be known as a great dad more than anything. Kids – young men find it uncool to be a dad I think. It’s very cool to me … I love being at home with my kids. I got pissed yesterday because I get a call and a video, that my daughter swam for the first time without the floaties on. I miss all that kind of stuff.”

They talked about Mark’s early career in the WWE, and issues he had with John Layfield, former WWE Champion and current color commentator: “I used to have an issue with Bradshaw . When I was young, he used to pick on me. Ribbing is a part of wrestling. That’s the way they show a fondness for you – they play practical jokes on you. They put your wrestling gear in plastic bags and throw it in the shower. Just stupid stuff. They hazed me – I wanted to fight everybody. They were like ‘look man, you’ve gotta quit trying to fight everybody. We’re trying to be brothers with you.’ It took a while for me to understand that. John is one of the people I respect most in the business now.”

You can listen to the entire interview with Mark Henry and Jay Mohr on

  • Ozil is a Boss

    JBL sounds like a right ‘C U N T’.


    So what do they do if they don’t like you?

  • Albert T

    That’s good to hear that he enjoys being a parent. It certainly shows he has his priorities in the right order.