Mark Henry Loses Weight, Backstage Sin Cara News

– WWE posted a video of Mark Henry immediately after he was drafted last night to SmackDown. Henry said that he would be World Champion before this year is over. Henry broke down and started crying when talking about how he was out of shape at 450lbs. but is now down to 398lbs. and feels better than he has ever felt. Henry said he feels like he deserves to be World Champion. This was filmed before Henry’s heel turn in the main event.

– New SmackDown Superstar Sin Cara has been described as the guy with the biggest target on his back in the WWE locker room for the past few weeks as some feel he came in carrying himself as a top guy. While he was a top star in Mexico, he’s not yet in WWE and that has rubbed some people the wrong way.

There were also complaints from some people that Alberto Del Rio was “out to get” Cara because of heat they’ve had between them from Mexico. With that said, there is no real evidence that Del Rio has done anything behind-the-scenes to go against Cara in WWE yet.