Mark Jindrak Comments on Being Left Out of Evolution

Since it was revealed that former WWE superstar Mark Jindrak was originally slated to join Triple H, Randy Orton and Ric Flair as a part of Evolution, Jindrak has commented on the decision to go with Batista instead of the man once known as “The Reflection of Perfection.”

Through his twitter account, Jindrak, now known as Marco Corleone in Mexico’s CMLL, said,

I wasn’t ready for Evolution at that time in my career. I was immature and Batista fit better. It was mine to lose and I dropped the ball…But since then I’ve matured and understood why I missed that chance and it’s helped me in my career which ended up in CMLL in Mexico.

Aside from competing in Mexico, Jindrak has also developed a successful career as a Spanish soap opera actor.