Marty Jannetty Calls Out The Pope Again, More From Axl Rotten Challenging CZW Founder

– Last year, Elijah “The Pope” Burke ripped on Marty Jannetty for apparently hitting Balls Mahoney with a stiff steel chair shot during an indie match in 2012. Jannetty issued the following response on Facebook to the video below that Burke posted late last year:

“If you didnt know, know you gonna know..for some reason Balls Mahoney is so loved in some parts of Europe that to this day I still catch shit over him throwing up in our match here in Jersey and it blamed on me hitting him too hard with the chair whenb truth was, he couldnt keep up with the pace I set..but Pope, bettta ask somebody what you dont wanna know!!you talked shit last year..I let it go..but you gonna keep shit up?..bruh, you talk about doing the fight for free, Ill pay your way what bastard?”

“yo Black Hope..oops meant cant talk to me..when you get yo own rap song out AND its a hit on the radio, then..”call me” beeeeeooootch!!..till then. shut the fuck up!”

– As reported, ECW Original Axl Rotten posted a video earlier this week challenging Combat Zone Wrestling founder John Zandig to a shoot fight after Zandig recently ripped Rotten in a shoot interview. Rotten posted another video, calling Zandig a “glorified backyard wrestler” and claiming that Zandig has not replied to his challenge:

  • Mordecai

    zandig vs rotten in a wood chipper match.