Maryse Has A Stalker: Details On 61-Year-Old Deranged Fan

WWE diva Maryse Ouellet has filed for a permanent restraining order against an “extremely disturbing and delusional” fan who she claims is obsessed with her and has threatened to “take her to heaven” with him.

According to a report on, the freakshow in question is 61-year-old Lee Silber, who Maryse claims has sent “numerous terrifying letters to my home and left more than 50 voicemails on my personal cell phone all of which are extremely disturbing and delusional.”

Maryse tells the L.A. County Superior Court that she fears for her life and wants the stalker kept away from her at any cost.

She’s due back in court on August 3rd to follow up on the restraint order request.