Maryse Ouellet Critical Of WWE Creative, Lilian Addresses Mishap

— Former WWE talent Maryse Ouellet was critical of WWE creative’s handling of the Divas division during a recent interview with Running The Ropes. When asked how the division has changed since her debut with the company five years ago, she responded, “You know it’s changed from what it was in 2007 when it had twelve minute pay-per-view matches now to thirty second (matches). It’s hard to make a crowd relate to you when you can’t talk on the microphone, you have only a minute in the ring and you have ten divas in the ring at the same time so you can’t build a character and you can’t make people relate. It’s impossible to get over.”

She continues, “I just wish the girls were given more time to work because there is potential, but there’s no time. They need to give them something so they (WWE) can receive something and if they don’t, they will never get anything.”

The former two-time Divas Champion also discusses her release from WWE, House of Maryse, an online report that she was “too sexy” for PG WWE, her role on NXT, her famous hand gesture and more. The audio interview is available here (beginning at the 1:19:00 mark.

— SmackDown ring announcer Lilian Garcia had a wardrobe mishap at Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Columbus, Ohio as the strap of her shoe broke while she made her ring entrance. Regarding the mishap, she wrote on Twitter, “Hilarious moment and a first! My shoe strap broke during my entrance to @WWE SD tonight so I ran down barefoot! Fixed shoe with tape!!”

*PHOTO* of The Rock with Lilian Garcia at Monday’s Raw