Underneath The Mask – Guess Who’s Back With A Rant

The Mask is back, yours truly Former CWF Wrestler, The Mysterious Masked Gentleman. I am glad to be back right in time for WrestleMania Season to be a mere month away. And as I can see already, it’s breaking down like this:

P.T. BARNUM does it again! – Vince McMahon pulled the famous P.T. Barnum line of “There is a sucker born every minute” and it’s happened once again. Cena vs. Rock 2, yes that’s right, I said 2. What happened to once in a lifetime? Yep old Vince “P.T. Barnum” McMahon pulled the wool over the WWW Universes eyes. Now the thing is, are we going to buy it, and buy it meaning WrestleMania 29? This masked man has to say more than likely yes. But will it be a great WrestleMania? No. I mean sure Del Rio vs. Swagger for the World Heavyweight title, will barely hold water. Cena and Rock will be a match, but frankly Vince, People (Like me) are sick of the Cena Era. Unless Vince makes a harsh move here, I cannot see how WrestleMania 29 is going to be anywhere near close to good. But we have 1 month left, let’s see what happens. In April I will make my WrestleMania predictions as I see it breaking down.

WWE Hall of Fame inductees – This is a well deserving class of 2013 so far with Mick Foley who is clearly hardcore personified. Trish Stratus, excellent choice for the Canadian who held the WWE Women’s title 7 times…who else can say they held it 7 times?? Bob Backlund, a classic, he showed us that you can look like Opie (old Andy Griffin reference, Google it) and be a WWE Champion. And most deservingly Bruno Sammartino, 4,000+ days as WWWF Champion, need I say more about him? I think not. Donald Trump, well you may not like him, but the guy did contribute to the WWF’E with WrestleMania 4 & 5 and then the Battle of the Billionaires match. That’s all I can say about the Trumster. Congrats to all these fine and gifted wrestlers, you deserve it.

Jay Bradley in TNA Impact! – Remember back when I said to look out for “Lonesome” Jay Bradley (@JayBradleyPW) well lo and behold, TNA has him, the Boomstick is signed with TNA, and it’s about freaking time! Dixie Carter, I love the way you are moving TNA around going to different cities for events, and the best move was to sign Jay Bradley. You are one smart cookie.

MG Thumbs Up to: This time of year, wrestling in the beginning of the year is always exciting, and this year is no different. The Road to WrestleMania will be pushed to the nines, let’s just hope it lives to its hype.

MG Thumbs Medium to: Brodus Clay & Tensai?? Come on, where is the old tag division with classic long forming teams: Tensai and Clay sure entertain, just like Team Hell No entertains, but I just don’t get their pairing, they won’t win gold, they won’t be anything but a gimmick team, sorry guys.

MG Thumbs Down to: The WWE Diva’s division. I am glad Kaitlyn is a title holder, but who does she have to defend against?? Eve is gone, Beth is stale, and Tamina is just hard to watch in the ring. Rosa Mendes is a cheerleader, and that’s all she will do is cheer. Alicia Fox? Maybe she might be pushed, Natalya, she is with Khali… well its better than her farting gimmick. Who’s left? I mean, besides AJ Lee, whom should really be pushed to the top, there is no one. We care about the Diva’s, more eye candy please Vince!

WWE’s Miz-take – WWE needs to put the Miz back on top, and have him wear some hardware. He is truly showing his patience for another title run. He’s turned into a fan favorite (it’s sad when Miz gets more cheers than Cena) I wish the WWE would realize that Miz needs to have a WrestleMania moment of a title around his waist. WWE will lose out if they don’t push Miz harder.

The Shield?? – I really cannot begin to describe the predictability of The Shield, especially being involved with C.M. Punk. Every time I see them I think “Nexus?” really this is going nowhere fast…shoot this angle dead. The only happy ending here is if the Shield turns into the Panty Shield.

New WWE Title – Man I wish this was just left alone, but WWE and the Rock HAD TO mess with the belt. The New WWE Title is the downright most ugliest thing I have seen, even uglier than a Boogeyman match with worm eating. The Belt looks like Home plate, and has literally nothing…Nothing flashy about it, it’s just the WWE logo, that’s all, no nameplate, and just a big ugly WWE symbol (not saying the symbol is ugly) and then it says Champion, like we didn’t know it was a championship belt. – Royal screw up for WWE, Bring back the Winged Eagle belt and spruce it up and Rock Bottom this new belt in the trash. #WasteofmoneyVince Zack Ryder’s Internet belt has more appeal now than the WWE title. And sadly now the World Heavyweight Title is now more lucrative than the WWE Title.

Finally, aren’t you glad that The Rock is not always on RAW or Smackdown, running his mouth with his movie plugs, and 30 minutes of catchphrases, before he actually gets to the point at hand?? Don’t get me wrong Rock fans, he has the ability to entertain. But really he is so long winded, he makes an opera singer seem like a 3rd grade choir girl. Know your Role Rock and Shut your Mouth more! *Raises Eyebrow*

Until Next time wrestling fans, when I make my predictions for WrestleMania 29, watch your back, because the man in Black may be right behind you with a chair…and not be afraid to use it on you.

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