Match Announced For Extreme Rules, R-Truth Smoking Segment

— WWE announced Tuesday morning via Joey Styles that Randy Orton will face CM Punk in a Last Man Standing Match Sunday at Extreme Rules.

Orton cleanly defeated Punk in a fifteen minute match last night on Raw. It was a re-match from their bout at WrestleMania, which was also won by Orton.

— After R-Truth mercilessly attacked John Morrison last night on Raw, the WWE Superstar grabbed cigarettes from an audience member and blew smoke in Morrison’s face. Earlier, The Shaman of Sexy derided his former tag team partner for his smoking habit and challenged him for his position in the title match at Extreme Rules, which he won.

R-Truth’s bit with the cigarettes did not air during the Raw broadcast in the UK.

— Kofi Kingston’s was advertised for yesterday’s SmackDown live event in Liverpool, but did not compete. He did, however, appear alongside the SmackDown roster, who entered the arena to congratulate Edge after saying farewell.

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