Match Originally Planned For The Rumble, Updated NXT Standings

— Conor O’Brian scored 4 immunity points via this week’s NXT Rookie Challenge, Battle of the Mic. The immunity points standings are as follows: Johnny Curtis (5), Conor O’Brian (4), Derrick Bateman (3), Byron Saxton (1), Brodus Clay (0). Jacob Novak had 1 immunity point at the time of his elimination.

NXT standings following the Jan. 4 episode are as follows: Conor O’Brian (2-0), Byron Saxton (3-1), Brodus Clay (2-1), Johnny Curtis (1-3), Derrick Bateman (0-3). Jacob Novak was 1-2 at the time of his elimination.

— The WWE Championship Match for the Royal Rumble was originally planned to be a Triple Threat Match featuring John Morrison, Randy Orton and The Miz. There was also talk of adding Sheamus to the bout, making it a Fatal 4-Way Match. But as seen Monday, it will be a rematch from TLC featuring Orton vs. The Miz.

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