Matches Set For SummerSlam, Rumor On New WWE TV Role For Mark Henry, See No Evil 2

– Besides Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at SummerSlam, the other top matches are Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton and Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose.

– Mark Henry is rumored to be returning to WWE TV for the new stable with Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E that we saw form on RAW.

– Directors The Soska Twins have been hyping an announcement for WWE Studios’ See No Evil 2 starring Kane, so we will likely get the debut trailer and a release date at the San Diego Comic Con next week.

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  • thesmarktank

    No! Don’t use Mark Henry! He’s established. It kills the whole “fighting back against the system” vibe. Use a younger guy whose never gotten the opportunities. Use Titus. Have Henry be a target for overcoming and succeeding in the company.

    • Monkey D. Luffy

      True. But Henry has never won a WWE Championship before, even when it was kinda teased against Cena. So there’s that..

      I would/wouldn’t mind seeing Henry return since the theme of the stable is similar to that of the Nation of Domination, and what better way to get speculation running than to associate Henry himself in that stable.

      Hope he doesn’t have too much of a wrestling role since we already have Big E. who seems like Mark’s successor in the group.

      Would’ve loved seeing Titus in that group, especially cos he is the most legitimate guy there. But i think Big E filled his role as the powerhouse of the group. Too bad JTG and Teddy Long couldn’t enjoy this moment.

      • thesmarktank

        Teddy Long would have been a fine addition, but Woods needs to clearly be the mouthpiece. And JTG… he’d would have needed a whole makeover, as I see the idea is to stop dancing and be ridiculous stereotypes and start getting serious. “Don’t do what you’re told,” i.e. quit the ministrel acts. JTG is the definition of ministrel acts. The other stars we haven’t mentioned is the possibility of including Darren Young, but not sure they’d want Titus and Darren. Also, R-Truth should be an enemy to the group, as another successful black superstar. We can argue all day about whether Henry or Truth REALLY fit into this category, but at least both have had PPV WWE Championship matches. I believe Kofi never has. And it’d be sickening to see Every Black Star vs Rest Of Roster. Guys like Henry and Truth need to be able to say, Hey, you’re wrong, you earn your shot and you’ll get it. Feuds shouldn’t be black versus white necessarily, that’s too black and white, pun intended. But The Nation’s biggest enemy was Ahmed Johnson, though he was injured through nearly the whole damn angle. But being able to accuse Henry and Truth, in a suggestive way, of being “Uncle Tom-like” will play well, and avoid the ENTIRE thing of being purely about race. Then its more of ppl who blame others for holding them back for their race VS those who work with what they have despite this.