Matt Hardy Arrest Update: Reby Sky Called 911, Matt Hospitalzed

Earlier today, we reported that former WWE & TNA star Matt Hardy was arrested once again last week (9/14) on drug charges that include possessing a controlled substance with intent to sell or deliver, possessing a controlled substance, maintaining a drug dwelling and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, according to a release today from the Moore County Sheriff’s Office.

New details have now been made available regarding Matt’s third arrest in the past month after published the arrest warrant obtained by police.

– Matt Hardy’s girlfriend Rebecca Reyes (Reby Sky) called 911 last Wednesday and told police that Matt was “strung out on pills” and needed help.

– When police arrived at Matt’s home, Matt “had trouble speaking” and was “very unsteady on his feet.” Matt did not smell like alcohol, leading the officer to believe that he was under the influence of “some type of unknown impairing substance other than alcohol.” EMTs were called and Matt was taken to the emergency room of the First Health of the Carolinas hospital.

– Reby Sky told police that Matt had a safe at his home that contained “numerous Vicodin” pills, which she told the police Matt did not have a prescription for. She gave police the keys to the safe.

– After a warrant was granted, police seized the following items from Matt’s home:

(1) Empty Small Round Glass Containers of Blue Locus Extract

(2) Handwritten Note

(3) Vials of Liquid Substance

(4) Vial of Powder Substance

(5) Syringes

(6) Empty K2 Smoke Blend Packet

(7) $1,961 US Currency

(8) Small Blue Pill

Matt was not home at the time of search, so he was not arrested on the spot. He later turned himself in and is due back in court on Thursday.