Matt Hardy Asks Fans If They Requested A Refund From TNA Event

It was reported earlier this week that Matt Hardy was suspended by TNA Wrestling due to continuously arriving late to live events and posting a video online of himself urging Jeff Hardy to stun a woman with a taser, “among other reasons.” It was noted to Hardy on Twitter that a group of thirty asked for refunds when it was announced that he would not be on hand for Friday’s live event in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Instead, they were given free merchandise.

Hardy wrote, “I thank those peeps who stood up for me. I haven’t done anything wrong.. And the “Fans Voices Should Matter”-don’t ever forget that!”

He continued, “If you asked for a refund in Ft. Wayne cuz I wasn’t there, tweet me your story and I will RT it.. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Hardy also continues to take issue with wrestling websites that publish inaccurate stories.

“As I said earlier, I have no more beef with the net. They’re people tryin to make a living off of the business that we are the lifeblood of,” Hardy wrote. “With that said, you certainly can’t believe everything you read. There’s always details to situations that they have no clue about and therefore report incorrectly.”

*VIDEO* Matt Hardy stuns woman with a taser ->