Matt Morgan Comments On WWE, Love Reveals Workout Routine

— Matt Morgan participated in a live Facebook Chat with CMT on Thursday following his appearance on the season premiere of Made the previous night. He was notably asked whether WWE has been in contact with him lately.

Morgan replied, “WWE gave me my start and gave me the tools to one day become the wrestler I am today and I am very thankful for my time there. I’d be lying if I said there’s been no contact however as long as TNA remains as loyal as they’ve been to me and continue that loyalty I am very happy where I am at right now.”

— Mr. Anderson is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Inside Wrestling.

— Angelina Love is the featured guest on the latest episode of Pillow Talk with SoCal Val. The TNA Knockout is asked about her workout regime, with Val describing her body as ‘tip top perfect shape’.

“I pretty much only do cardio and legs, but I think one of my best parts that I didn’t pay for would be my abs,” Love replied. She then proceeds to show off her toned stomach to the camera.

To see the video interview, click here.

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