Matt Morgan Teases First Appearance Since Leaving TNA, New Jack’s Jerry Lawler Comments

– On Saturday afternoon Matt Morgan, who recently finished his commitments with TNA, went to twitter to tease his future.

Morgan tweeted “Lots of great wrestling this weekend. Chicago………Boston…….Pennsylvania……. Who knows where I’ll show up!”

This weekend the WWE has Night of Champions in Boston TNA has house shows in Pennsylvania and Ring of Honor has Death Before Dishonor in Chicago. However, it seems unlikely that Morgan will be in TNA any time soon as he had left the company on bad terms, only wrestling in house shows for the final month with the promotion.

Morgan’s final commitment to TNA was on June 16th and there is a possibility he had a 30 day no compete clause, which would make Sunday being the first date he could wrestle again.

– After New Jack’s comments on twitter earlier this week, the social media website disabled his account.

This was following New Jack, whose real name is Jerome Young, going to twitter to air his opinions of Jerry Lawler after his heart attack live on Raw.

New Jack took to his now disabled twitter account and told his followers that he did not care if Lawler lived or died. Even going as far to say he wants Lawler to die a slow and painful death “so I can go piss on his grave.”

  • 1234guest

    Whoever wrote this article needs to check facts. Matt Morgan filmed a TNA angle with Robbie E. He’s been trolling everyone all along. No matter how much people want him to got to WWE (I still can’t understand the rational for that), he’s staying put with TNA. They’re pretty much the only place where he fits in today’s market.