Matt Striker Says He Would Love To Join TNA Impact Wrestling (Video)

Former WWE wrestler and commentator Matt Striker says he would love to join TNA Wrestling.

Speaking to OffsetTV, Striker addressed the Nashville-based promotion: “I like wrestling man. So any place that would ask me, to give me the honor of wrestling or work for them in a wrestling company. I have a lot of friends in TNA, a lot. I think TNA has really carved out a place for themselves in wrestling. People give them a bad rap for a lot of things but TNA has a place in wrestling. They have created their own place. Everyone out there is just trying to do WWE. You can’t just do WWE because the WWE does WWE.

“Yeah, I would love to go to TNA in a myriad of capacities be it in-ring, behind the scenes, interviewer, announcer. Absolutely, if that opportunity came up, I’d be there in a heart-beat. I have a lot of friends there and I like wrestling.”