Matt Striker Talks About Time In WWE, Future Plans, Situation With Justin Credible & More

Former WWE Superstar and announcer Matt Striker recently spoke with False Finish Radio. Here are the highlights:

False Finish: I know you carry a William Regal figure, why?

MS: My time in WWE, Regal was a mentor and a friend and he had been one of my favorite wrestlers and he need up cooler then i ever thought he would be. The figure reminds me to be as much like Regal as possible. He is such a gentleman and he is so humble yet so tough. It reminds me that you need to be a professional.

False Finish: Talking about the world of sport wrestling, do you think it has a place in USA?

MS: Hell yeah, back in the day when it was all about the Beatles, the sex pistols came around and boom we got punk. There is a place for everything if it is real and people subscribe it. Hell if there is a place for Miley Cyrus, there is a place for anything

False Finish: I heard you say on Pro Wrestling 101 that you think of a wrestling ring as a tic-tac-toe board, Can you explain this?

MS: I draw nine squares in the ring, so when i fall if I can get back to one of the squares then I know Im in proper position. If someone has to move me to a spot for a move, first he is an idiot and second I’m not doing my job. When you pull back the curtain it is a dance, and I want to be the best dance partner possible.

False Finish: When you debuted in WWE it was against Kurt Angle. What was that like?

MS: I thought it was a one shot deal, I’m big on faith and I looked up to the heavens and as weird as it sounds, something was carrying me that night. Iwas in the palm of something much greater than me, and that is why that night went as great as it was. It was not human done, it was divine intervention. I never knew it would be a 9 year career.

False Finish: How is championship wrestling in Hollywood treating you?

MS: I’ve known of them from before I went to WWE. You see the same going up as you do going down, I never burn bridges. They reached out and said they shoot twice a month in California and asked me to come down and I was sold. There is a lot I love about Cali. It has a great locker room. There are some great wrestlers you need to see like Scorpio Sky, Joey Ryan, Adam Pearce is out there…It is great to be able to see them and work in commentary and production and see guys reach their goals.

False Finish: What are your thoughts on Justin Credible?

MS: I respect him, people on the internet talked about the altercation we had in the locker room. We havent seen each other since. I’m not gonna come out and trash the guy. If he throws first let’s do it but I wont throw the first punch.

False Finish: What are you doing now besides commentating? What are your plans?

MS: Plans? I’m happy to wrestle and do the seminars. People from all across the world send me clips and I critique and send them back. I’ve been doing acting and stunt work. I just auditioned for and cast in the new Star Trek Equinox. Even if I’m Dead Klingon Number 3, it’s a way for me to be creative.

False Finish: When you were commentating take us through a day to prepare for something like Raw.

MS: The prep is ongoing. Josh and I were boys, and we would just talk and try to tie pop culture into wrestling. I like to challenge myself to come up with the coolest ways to make guys interesting. The shows are the same every week. I wanted new facts and I would dive all in to the matches and try to make it entertaining.

Word association:

William Regal: Professional.

Carlito: Body guy.

Little Guido: He was one of the first main guys I wrestled and he took me under his wing.

Tommy Dreamer: Friend, when I had nothing and no one would talk to me, Tommy stepped in and he was a brother and a father figure.

Baseball: Its f*cking awesome

ECW: Revolutionary, it changed the business. And it could never go back.

CZW: Great place, I like DJ Hyde, it gives the fans the alternative. Not everyone likes hip hop or pop people need an alternative.

Kofi: He needs to break out, I want to see that nasty side I don’t want to see the boom kick every night I want to see some growth.

Vince McMahon: The Don, a lot of people give him a hard time, but who loves wrestling more than Vince… is nobody, he speaks about it every day and everyone in the WWE owes a debt to Vince.

Big Daddy V: Girthy, DDD cup, he was always good to me I used to have to oil his back. He was a sweetheart.

Michael Cole: Cole is a story-teller, he knows what Vince wants and he does what is needed and he does his job and helps others.

Check out the complete interview below: