Matt Striker’s Crpytic Rumble Tweets, Sean Waltman In The Rumble?, WM29 Sign (Photo)

– Matt Striker tweeted the following cryptic comment on Sunday evening, with less than two hours to go until the Royal Rumble:

“I just saw 2 surprise entrants in tonight’s Royal Rumble arrive at the bldng. One had a present for me Remember the Rumble is open to ANYONE”

“I love how the Internet THINKS it knows whose in the bldng ? Lets just say the ” present” will be put to great use tonite.”

– Former WWE superstar Sean “X-Pac” Waltman has been in Phoenix, Arizona this weekend for the DX and WCW panels that took place during the Royal Rumble FanFest. However, Waltman was telling people that he is not scheduled to wrestle tonight as a surprise entrant in the Rumble match.

– WWE superstars have already been tweeting pictures of themselves pointing at the WrestleMania 29 logo that will be hanging at the top WWE arenas starting tonight: