Max Buck Thanks Rob Van Dam For Last Week’s “Compliment”

I left a message for both Max & Jeremy Buck (a/k/a Generation Me/The Young Bucks) on Twitter to get a reaction to Rob Van Dam’s negative comments about them in an interview with The Miami Herald last week. Below is my Twitter conversation with Max (Matt Jackson):

wnwdotcom Richard Gray Alright I wanna know – what do @MattJackson13 & @NickJacksonYB think of @therealrvd calling you all high schoolers?

MattJackson13 The Brunette One @wnwdotcom I thank @therealrvd for the compliment. It’s great to be young!

In addition to his comment, Max updated his bio on Twitter to read: “Alleged ‘big-leaguer’ of RVD, one half of The Young Bucks (TNA’s Generation Me) Bookings:”