Melina Worried About Tonight’s WWE Draft, Tough Enough News

— This Saturday, Christian appears from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at Petsmart 12835 Citrus Plaza Tampa, Florida. More information is available through (813)-830-7251.

— Ted Linhart, the VP of Program Research at USA Network, stated on Twitter that the Live + Following 7 days rating information for the premiere of Tough Enough increased the total audience for the program by 19%, to nearly four million viewers. Furthermore, the 18-49 demographic went up 17% to 2.3 million viewers.

— Melina stated today on her Twitter account that she’s worried about tonight’s WWE Draft on Monday Night Raw. She recalled past years of being torn away from people she’s close to due to the annual affair.

“Tonight is Raw. Very nerve racking,” she wrote. “Thinking of Drafts in the past & I always hated getting torn away from John & Jillian. I miss my Jillo!”

*PHOTO* of Batista & Mike Knox handling Melina ->