Layla Leaving WWE?, Michael Cole Gets Himself Called “JR” On Leaked SmackDown Feed

– While in the UK last week, London native Layla spoke to Bang Showbiz about how she would like to host the Strictly Come Dancing TV show. For what it’s worth, the article noted that Layla said she wants to return to the UK for good this year.

– A satellite feed from this past Friday’s WWE SmackDown feed was uploaded by a fan, as seen below. It appears that Vince McMahon or Kevin Dunn didn’t like something Michael Cole did at the end of the Sheamus match. JBL can be heard saying, “Well done Cole, you just got called JR.” You can also hear Cole asking Vince if Vince wants him to repeat a talking point. Cole says, “Hey Vince, do you want me to say it every time because I said it a shit load of times tonight.” It’s an interesting behind the scenes listen.

  • ChloeMatthews

    It’s for the best if Layla leaves. Her time has been established in the WWE. She’s accomplished a lot, and with new women entering WWE she has no place anymore. Being Fandango’s manager will become stale after time. She’s actually accomplished a lot, and it’s her choice to leave or not.

  • cj

    For her coming in as a diva search contest winner, Layla has accomplished a lot . And most diva’s do about 6-8 years at the most in WWE & Layla is at the 8yr mark. I think her and Eve Torres both winning the diva search and having no wrestling background both made great careers from a diva’s standpoint in WWE. If she’s not champion or in the championship picture I don’t see much for her to do, even as Fandango’s manager. If she leaves it’ll probably be an angle with Summer Rae where if she loses she’ll not only leave Fandango but WWE , but who knows

    • daniel maldonado

      yea I agree I see this is how the storyline will end with Layla losing a loser leaves wwe match and thus ending her wwe career. keep in mind this woman came back from a torn acl. that is normally a career ending injury and she came back from that. im just hoping the wwe gives her a proper send off.