Michael Cole Misses Important Call On Raw, Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling News, More

– There was heat on Michael Cole after last night’s RAW for missing a spot during the CM Punk vs. Jerry Lawler main event. Towards the end of the match, Punk used a Rock Bottom on Lawler. That spot was supposed to be pointed out on commentary with Cole hyping up the fact that Punk was using The Rock’s finishing move.

– Jillian Hall, Winter and Becky Bayless (Cookie) are among the top women’s wrestlers to be featured at the debut B.L.O.W. (Bombshell Ladies of Wrestling) event on October 11th in Rahway, New Jersey. The event will be hosted by Ashley Massaro and will air on iPPV. More details are available at bedofnailz.com.

– As PWMania previously reported, the second edition of the WWE Encyclopedia has been pushed back from September to a November 19th release.

(Partial source: F4Wonline.com)

  • RJD

    This article is completely stupid. <.<
    Punk has been using that move since ECW '06 to set up for the Anaconda Vice, it was even featured in WWE '12. Check your facts before you make up things like this.

  • CyroCZc

    Right I was just thinking the same thing. Just like earlier this year when they said that “WWE hasn’t decided whether or not to hold a MITB match at this year’s wrestlemania” If they have a dedicated PPV for it now for a few years and didn’t hold one at last year’s wrestlemania, why would they be holding one now? This website constantly makes up b/s on a regular basis. Anyone remember the “CM Punk in the doghouse” crap from a few years ago? You know where this website claimed CM Punk was in the doghouse for months, then he went on to win MITB and become the top heel on Smackdown for some time. Jesus.