Michael’s Musings – WWE Hell in a Cell Predictions

This Sunday, WWE presents Hell in a Cell, and it does not look half bad. It is the other half that worries me. Shockingly WWE has done a decent job of building up most of the matches on the card but as always, they have left themselves room for special “bonus” matches on the card.

Randy Orton vs Alberto del Rio
This is the 2nd biggest match on the Smackdown side of things and it is between two people that can go toe to toe with each other in the ring. This match could go either way but I think that I am going to with Alberto del Rio for the simple fact that he needs the win more than Orton does. Randy Orton will always be Randy Orton and he can be a credible threat to the WWE or World Title at a moment’s notice but the same cannot be said about Del Rio. Del Rio was out and out embarrassed for the past 6 months during his feud with Sheamus and needs a win to make him a credible threat to the World Champion again.
WINNER: Alberto del Rio

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Team Hell No vs Team Rhodes Scholars

First of all, I hate that WWE is putting “Team” in front of tag team names, it is just redundant. 2nd of all, the tag team championship tournament was the most predictable tournament in WWE history. The Rhodes Scholars attacked Kane and Daniel Bryan before the tournament even began. 3rd of all, considering that Team Hell No is the hottest act in the WWE right now, and are getting more time on WWE TV than CM Punk and Sheamus combined, it would make no sense to break them up. That is exactly why I am picking them to lose. WWE writing rarely makes sense and having Daniel Bryan cost himself and Kane the title against a heel team would keep Bryan a heel.
WINNER: THe Rhodes Scholars

Divas Championship Match
Eve © vs Kaitlyn vs Layla

It is nice that WWE is at least trying to give the Divas a storyline, which is more than they have done in the past. The whole TanyEve Harding situation isn’t that original but it is more than WWE is giving the United States and Intercontinental Championships. What being a champion comes down to is marketability and skill and right now, Eve has more of both than Layla and Kaitlyn combined. I expect Layla to take the fall in this match to move her out of the equation while they further than story between Eve and Kaitlyn.

United States Championship Match
Antonio Cesaro © vs Justin Gabriel

If this match does happen, there is not much to say about it, it is a throwaway. That is a damn shame since the both of these men can deliver in the ring. If WWE had pulled the trigger on Gabriel when the iron was hot during his feud with Cody Rhodes, he could have been a player in the midcard scene for the past six months, instead he has been stuck in tag team hell with another talented guy that WWE foolishly doesn’t want to push in Tyson Kidd. Cesaro will win and continue his US Title reign.
WINNER: Antonio Cesaro

The Prime Time Players vs Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio
I am delighted that the WWE has been playing attention to their tag team scene lately and these are the two teams that should be facing each other over the tag team titles but because of Vince’s third game sense of humor, these two team will be fighting for pride alone while Team Hell No facing the Rhodes Schalors and argue about who is the Tag Team Champion. I expect a decent showing out of the two of them with Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara coming out on top to earn a title shot down the line.
WINNERS: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara

Intercontinental Championship Match
Kofi Kingston © vs The Miz

Over the past month, this has been the feud that has interested me the most. Kofi and The Miz have brought their A-Game and have given a the title the boost that it needed to be relevant again. WWE has finally given Kofi the 2nd chance that has long deserved after Randy Orton seemingly blackballed him years ago. If their match on Sunday is anything like their match on WWE Main Event a few weeks ago, this match will steal the show, and that is saying something on a card where the main event is a Hell in a Cell match. I expect Kofi Kingston to continue his title reign but I would love for Kofi and The Miz’s feud to continue beyond this Pay-Per-View because they play off of each other so well.
WINNER: Kofi Kingston

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Sheamus © vs The Big Show

In a match between two of the company’s biggest powerhouses, you would think that the WWE would have done a better job of building this up, but this seems just to be a throwaway feud until something better comes along for Sheamus. The Big Show through all of his years in the WWE has never been a Main Event player and is always thrown into a World Title match as a way to give his opponent an obstacle to overcome. This has been done so many times in the past that the effects of the storyline have numbed the long time viewer to The Big Show. I expect Sheamus to win the match but the big question is Will Dolph Ziggler cash in as he has promised to do. It is highly likely that The Big Show will clock Sheamus with the WMD after he loses, thus allowing Ziggler to come out and cash in but since Ziggler has been calling his shot for the past couple of weeks, I doubt we will get it.
WINNER: Sheamus

WWE Championship Match
Hell in a Cell
CM Punk © vs Ryback

I will just say this right off the bat, if I did not have to cover this match on Sunday, I would be watching The Walking Dead on AMC. WWE has it’s own version of zombies though, the WWE fans that mindless chant, “Feed Me More”. If you cannot tell, I am not a Ryback fan by any means. He is not ready to main event a PPV and has done nothing to deserve a shot at the WWE Championship. It is a credit to WWE’s lack of creative that people like Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, and The Miz, who have paid their dues, are stuck in the midcard and tag team hell while yet another muscle bound gorilla is skyrocketed to the top. Thankfully CM Punk will win this match through some underhanded means and we will get the John Cena vs CM Punk rematch at Survivor Series. Ryback and Big Show are advertised to Captain the Survivor Series teams so it seems that WWE has a plan in place for Big Show to help CM Punk win and join the Paul Heyman Alliance.

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