Michael’s Musings – The Week In Review

Greetings everyone! My name is Michael and this is my first editorial for PWMania. I have been a pro wrestling fan for the past 17 years. I have seen some of the all-time greats come and go in the ring and I have seen the best and worst of the industry. I have recently been hired to write the results for RAW and Pay Per View events. I thought I would offer my point of view about has happened this week in the world of professional wrestling, both WWE and TNA.

Monday Night RAW
– The show began with CM Punk assaulted Jerry Lawler backstage, I was hoping to God that the cage match would be the end of their mini-feud but apparently not. Does the only way WWE thinks a heel can get over is by attacking Jerry Lawler?
– Sheamus and CM Punk made the most of their time together but Sheamus was definately outmatched on the mic. I look forward to when these two can go toe to toe in the ring.
– Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler had a great television match with Ziggler getting the win over Orton by underhanded means which is good. Orton didn’t need the win and I like the fact that they would build up the Money in the Bank winner after having Daniel Bryan being beaten by everyone and their mama last year while he held the case.
– Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio, or as I like to call them Los Luchas, make a great team. As reported on the site, they are expected to be the ones to take the belts off the Prime Time Playas if and when they win the titles from Kofi and Truth.
– Sheamus defeated Jack Swagger for the umpteenth time because CM Punk refused to wrestle Sheamus in-front of his hometown crowd. After the match Swagger told AJ Lee that he was going to take some time off. This is a good move because the WWE has wasted him since he lost the World Title. Maybe after some time away the writers can think of something to do with him. I would prefer that they turn him face and build him back up as a World Champion. They has a great look and definite presence about him.
– Eve and Kaitlyn got less time in the ring together than it took for Kane and Daniel Bryan to hug. Who says that the WWE doesn’t care about its Divas Division.
– Goldberg 2.0 squashed Jinder Mahal in a nothing match. This Ryback character boggles my mind. He brings nothing to the table wrestling wise but more and more people are beginning to get behind him.
– Antonio Cesaro beating Santino was great and hopefully this is the last time Santino is anywhere near a title. Antonio needs a good feud to help him get over but the midcard titles are once again taking a backseat. The Miz was on commentary for 2 hours and did not set up a match at Night of Champions with anyone. They could have at least have him attack someone while he was out there.
– Zack Ryder getting the win over Heath Slater made me sad. Both of these guys should be in better positions than they are now because they did the work in trying to get themselves over. A year ago people were calling for Slater to be fired in the yearly purges but now people are starting to cheer for this young man because of the work he has done.
– I was actually looking forward to a John Cena promo for the first time in a long time after being named the #1 Contender but there was none to be heard.
– It’s amazing just how much John Cena and Alberto del Rio did with the time they were giving. It is a credit to both of their talent.
– The final moment of the night with Paul Heyman pretty much made the internet have an orgasam. It is not like CM Punk needs Paul Heyman but I am excited to see where this goes. Maybe Paul Heyman wants to align himself with someone that can actually beat John Cena in a match.

Impact Wrestling
– Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe put on a great match. It makes me wish they TNA would put these guys together in the long term.
– Tara looked good in her match with Gail Kim but there is no way she will win the title. It seems like as time goes by, the Knockouts Division is becoming the Divas Division, and that is not a good thing.
– Ever since Rob Van Dam debuted in TNA, he has done nothing to impress me. I am glad they did not build him up to become a World Champion again. RVD needs to either fine that spark he once had or step aside for someone that has it.
– Kazarian and Daniels got a win they needed by defeated Chavo and Hernandez. Sometimes it is hard to remember that those two are even the tag team champions. After the match, Hogan revealed that Daniels and Kaz would have to face Angle and Styles again at No Surrender. Much like Kofi and Truth in WWE, these are men that are wasted in the tag team division.
– Finally we come to the biggest blunder of the month. On the PPV before TNA’s supposed biggest show of the year, they have their World Champion facing a nobody from the Aces and Eights gang. If the person behind Aces and Eight’s is revealed on Sunday, it will still be a waste.

– I cannot be the only one that hates it when champions are placed on Superstars. This weeks was the championship special, with all of the neglected titles on the program.
– Antonio Cesaro and Justin Gabriel had a decent match, Cesaro’s first since he defeated Santino Marella.
– You would think being on Superstars that the Divas would get more time to shine…nope.
– Damien Sandow defeated Alex Riley in a forgettable match.
– As I stated above, Kofi and Truth could be doing so much more. If they were not shackled together, one could be fighting The Miz for the Intercontinental Title while the other could be facing Antonio Cesaro for the US Title at Night of Champions. Kofi and Truth defeated Primo and Epico in their usual manner. If I was booked WWE, I would have Kofi turn on Truth at Night of Champions allowing the Prime Time Playas to get the win and the titles. It would give them both something to go together and build both their characters in new directions.

– So the fans get to decide whether a move is banned or not? Where were we when this vote happened for the Piledriver and the Vertebreaker.
– Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara teamed together once again routing The Miz and Cody Rhodes. A good tag team match that built up Los Luchas as a legitimate team.
– Daniel Bryan’s anger issues caused him to lose to Zack Ryder but even in this case a win is still a loss for Zack as he looks utterly pathetic here.
– Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton continued to build up for a potential match at Night of Champions after Damien Sandow ate an RKO from the former World Champion.
– The Prime Time Playas beat The Uso’s to become the number one contender’s again *See Above*
– Now onto the biggest tragedy of the month for WWE. After weeks of build up for the return of Wade Barrett, he is simply put into squash match with Yoshi Tatsu. They should have made Barrett’s return a huge deal but once again failed to deliver on something they hyped. Barrett should be the next challenger for the World Champion Sheamus. He does not need to be rebuilt up. We all know who Barrett is. He is not a different character like Ryback is after he was Skip Sheffield in the Nexus.
– Under no circumstances should David Otunga ever be in the main event again. His skills are not up to par to close a show.

I would like to thank all of you for spending the time to read my thoughts about this week. I would love to hear your comments about what I have said here. Post them all below! You can follow me on Twitter at @TheMichaelG85. Once again, thank you, and I will see you all next week.