Michael’s Musings – WWE Night of Champions Predictions

Greetings everyone, as your new WWE Pay Per View Correspondent, I thought that it would be nice to give you all my predictions for what I believe is going to happen this Sunday at Night of Champions

WWE Title Match
John Cena vs. CM Punk (c)

Finally after 8 months, the WWE Championship will be back in the main event, thanks in no small part due to John Cena. John Cena verus CM Punk should to be one of the biggest matches of the year but sadly WWE did little to give this match the big fight feel that it deserves. Last year, CM Punk and John Cena tore the roof down in Chicago and had argueably the match of the year, this match should live up to that quality because when all is said and done, John Cena and CM Punk are two wrestlers that do their best talking in the ring. I fully expect Paul Heyman to play the huge part in this matchup and probably help CM Punk get the win in Cena’s hometown. This will give CM Punk something to talk about for the next month and lets not forget that Paul Heyman has unfinished business with John Cena after his meal ticket Brock Lesnar lost to Cena at Extreme Rules. It is usually a fool’s errand to beat against John Cena on a Pay Per View but I think John will lose this one but go onto win the WWE Title at Hell in a Cell.

Winner: CM Punk

World Heavyweight Title Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus (c)

Once again we come to the feud that would not die. Sheamus and Alberto del Rio are two extremely talented wrestlers but something about their feud has never clicked. Maybe it’s the fact that the heel has always seems to be weaker than the face champion. Maybe its the fact that they have turned Sheamus into a B-version of John Cena, making horrible jokes and never losing. Maybe its the fact that they have to take on a stupid stimulation to make people believe Sheamus could be stripped of the title by using The Brogue Kick. Who knows, but something is just not right with these two working together. WWE has done nothing to make me care about either individuals. The World Title is supposed to be the championship that builds other superstars up (a la Daniel Bryan, Christian Mark Henry, and Kane) while the WWE Championship is reserved for a very select few who have reached the top of their careers. Sheamus and Alberto del Rio should be fighting for the WWE Championship and giving two younger, hungrier stars the chance to be the World Champion. The only way I see Sheamus losing the title is over The Brogue Kick but I do not see him using it whether or not he gets angry, so bank on Sheamus making Alberto del Rio tap out with the Cloverleaf.

Winner: Sheamus

WWE Tag Team Title Match
Kane & Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston & R-Truth (c)

It is amazing that both WWE and TNA have tag teams in their title picture that should be fighting for World Championships. Kane, Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, and R-Truth all have what it takes to be World Champions but WWE does not seem to care about them, simply choosing to put them in a tag team together and forget about them. For over a year now, Kofi Kingston has been wasted in tag teams, first with Evan Bourne and now with R-Truth. R-Truth was close to being the WWE Champion when he was a psycho talking to Little Jimmy. Daniel Bryan put on some of the best work of the year when facing CM Punk. Kane is a season veteran than is never a stones throw away from a title. These four should NOT be in the tag team division while people like the Uso’s, Tyson and Gabriel, Epico and Primo, and The Prime Time Playas need the elevation. The Playas have been built up to take the titles off of Kingston and Truth but because Vince got a laugh out of Daniel Bryan and Kane trying to hug each other, the Playas have been pushed aside in favor of Daniel Bryan and Kane. As we all know, when Vince loves something, we are all going to have to just sit back and watch it. The storyline of anger will be the coin toss in this match. Either Kane and Bryan will find a way to make Team Friendship work or, I expect, Daniel Bryan to simply walk out on Kane during the match, allowing Kofi and Truth to continue as Tag Team Champions for another month.

Winner: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

WWE Divas Title Match
Kaitlyn vs. Layla (c)

What can I say about this match, two minutes every week is not enough to build up a feud or make people give a damn about either Divas. Until WWE gives the Divas more time and more indepth stories, the Divas will always be the pee-break match. If you want my prediction, I expect that Eve will “accidentally” cost Kaitlyn the title, leading to a Triple Threat match next month.

Winner: Layla

Fatal 4-Way for the WWE Intercontinental Title
Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Sin Cara vs. The Miz (c)

Three of the most talented men in the business and Sin Cara were thrown together and put in an Intercontinental Championship match. It would have been nice to have a little build up for this match as we all expected to have Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio in the Tag Team Division since they have been teaming up as of late. This means that neither Rey Mysterio or Sin Cara will be walking away with the gold. It all comes down to Cody Rhodes and The Miz. Cody has been lagging ever since he lost the title to The Big Show at Wrestlemania and The Miz has done nothing to elevate the championship to where it needs to be since winning it from Christian. I wish WWE could have some way to turn The Miz face and have him feud with Rhodes for a couple of months over the Intercontinental Title. It would be a great feud because The Miz is a great face in the making. Really? REALLY! I see The Miz sneaking the win after pinning Sin Cara. I also expect Sin Cara to botch at least three times.

Winner: The Miz

WWE United States Title Match
Winner of Pre-show (Zack Ryder) vs. Antonio Cesaro (c)

There are two people that I see winning the Battle Royal, one is Brodus Clay and the other Zack Ryder. With Brodus begin off of television for awhile until his drunken Funkadacktyl returns, I am leaning towards Zack Ryder. Although WWE totally dropped the ball with him earlier this year, the majority of the WWE Universe still has a soft spot for Mr. Woo Woo Woo and would happily cheer for him in a match with the cocky foreign heel Antonio Cesaro. Zack Ryder can give Antonio Cesaro his first truly competitive match for the United States Championship and the announcers can play off the fact that Zack is a former United States Champion looking to get the title he once he back. I see Antonio winning cleaning with the Neutralizer.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler are two of my favorite current WWE Superstars. Randy Orton is a big superstar that WWE is not afraid to have lose every once in a while if it means building up a talent. Dolph Ziggler is Mr. Money in the Bank and is only a few weeks away from become the World Champion. Neither Dolph Ziggler or Randy Orton really NEED this win but I see Randy Orton winning after AJ Lee does something to change the match in retaliation for Vicki slapping her on RAW two weeks ago. I currently see Dolph Ziggler becoming the World Champion at Hell in the Cell after Sheamus has a brutal match with Randy Orton inside of the Cell. Ziggler is only a month away from getting the gold so a loss is not going to hurt him. I also expect a Money in the Bank cash in tease from Ziggler after Sheamus’ match with Alberto del Rio.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

There we go, I thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and opinions. I would love to hear from you, please comment below, or follow me on Twitter @TheMichaelG85