Michael’s Musings – WWE Survivor Series Predictions

This Sunday, WWE presents one of the annual big four PPVs, Survivor Series. On paper, the show is very watchable but who is going to come out on top? The following are my opinions and predictions…which do not reflect those of the owners and operators of PWMania.com:

WWE Championship Match
CM Punk © vs Ryback vs John Cena

After one of Vince McMahon’s classic cases of bipolar booking, we finally got the main event that we all expected after initially booking Team Foley vs Team Punk. CM Punk vs Ryback vs John Cena a main event worthy of Survivor Series because it tells a unique story. It is the champion, very the man that would be champion, and the main who could be champion. The match is between CM Punk and Vince McMahon’s two pets. It’s the sleazy grease ball trying to hold on to his title against two muscled marauders. If CM Punk wins this match, he will be two days away from holding the WWE Champion for a solid year. Ryback was cheated out of the WWE Championship by Brad Maddox and now that the referee issue has been solved, can either of these men stop the monster. John Cena is…John Cena. He has not held the WWE Championship for over a year and that is a long time considering that he is the franchise of WWE but he is stuck in the middle because of this whole scandal situation with AJ and Vickie Guerrero. We are two months away from the Royal Rumble and I do not see John Cena or Ryback taking the title away from CM Punk. If anyone is going to take the title away from CM Punk, it is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Expect CM Punk to steal the win away from Ryback or John Cena after they do the damage to each other. While John Cena hopefully moves into a feud with Ziggler, Ryback will get his one on one rematch with Punk at TLC.


World Heavyweight Championship Match
The Big Show © vs Sheamus

If you would have told me last month that Sheamus and The Big Show would have put on the match on the night at a Pay Per View, I would have called you a damn liar. Hell in the Cell featured The Big Show putting on arguably the greatest of his career when he defeated Sheamus to become the World Heavyweight Champion. Suddenly this match is now personal because The Big Show attacked William Regal who is also suddenly Sheamus’ mentor. As much as I love Regal, his addition to this storyline makes no real sense other than WWE being in England last week and wanting to rile up the hometown audience. The casual WWE fan will just see Regal as a man that was squashed by The Big Show to show his dominance. Now that The Big Show is getting his long overdue World Title run, he has been shown as the unstoppable beast that he was during his run with Johnny Ace several months ago. This is the way The Big Show needs to be featured. I said in a previous post that The Big Show seemed to be the World Largest Choker but now he is finally in a position of power now that he has the World Title. I expect The Big Show to use this power to his full advantage on Sunday, using the Championship advantage to either get himself disqualified or counted out in order to retain the championship. This will lead to a tables or chairs match next month with Sheamus at TLC. Also, do not expect Dolph Ziggler to cash in tonight.

WINNER: Sheamus

Traditional Survivor Series Match
Team Foley: The Miz, Randy Orton, Kane, Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston vs. Team Ziggler: Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler

First off, I have no idea why the faces are still called Team Foley while CM Punk has been taken out of this match. Is Mick Foley still going to be at ringside for a match that he has utterly no stake in? Now onto the match itself, this match features the best that the WWE has to offer. It features former World Champions, Current Champions, and Future Champions. Randy Orton has an incredible streak in Survivor Series matches, often as the sole Survivor. Everyone in this match could use the win that this match has to offer but I have to get the advantage to Team Ziggler, strangely enough, because of John Cena. Ziggler has been in a mini-feud of sorts with Dolph Ziggler because of the AJ Scandal and they would have had a match at Survivor Series if not for Vince McMahon’s bipolar booking style. Before moving into a large feud with John Cena, Ziggler needs a win to boost his potential before heading off to face WWE’s biggest star. Also in need of a win is Alberto del Rio who has been utterly jobbed out for the past six months, first to Sheamus and now against Randy Orton. With Cody Rhodes likely out of the match due to injury, it is rumored that Tensai will replace him, if that is true, expect him to eat an RKO in the first minute. Survivor Series usually features a heel/face turn and it seems that everyone on Team Foley, except oddly Kane, could turn heel at any moment. The wild card in this match is The Miz. Will the WWE take the risk and turn The Miz face for the long haul or is The Awesome One simply a plant to help Team Ziggler pull off the win? I think that The Miz will actually stay face but will accidentally cause one of his other teammates eliminations before being eliminated himself.

WINNER: Team Ziggler

WWE United States Title Match
R-Truth vs. Antonio Cesaro

Once again Antonio Cesaro has been place into an instafued just so that he can defend his championship on a Pay Per View. I have a ton of respect for both R-Truth and Antonio Cesaro. They both deserve better than this. Much like Justin Gabriel and Antonio did last month; I expect them to put on a good match because of their talent. R-Truth is a bigger name for Antonio Cesaro to defend his championship against and Truth is someone that the WWE Universe is used to cheering for on a regular basis. Antonio is moving into the direction of the solid Anti-American heel that the WWE Universe loves to hate. His arrogant attitude makes us want to see him lose the championship. Just a suggestion, I would love to see him dispense with the United States Championship and bring back the European Title. It is a storyline that pretty much writes itself but it seems that WWE hates to even try to write storylines for the midcard titles. Antonio Cesaro will retain the title and continue his Anti-American shtick. This will hopefully open the door for a certain All American American to return and defend the honor of his homeland.

WINNER: Antonio Cesaro

WWE Divas Title Match
Kaitlyn vs. Eve Torres

It is the biggest Divas show down that we have seen in a long time for the simple fact that their is actually a storyline behind this feud. Kaitlyn was close to winning the Divas Championship before Eve hired an assassin to take Kaitlyn out of the picture so that she could regain her former glory. Kaitlyn is slowly improving in the ring and in the charisma department but she cannot match Eve yet. Currently Eve in the most well rounded Diva on the roster. Before you send me the hate mail and mention Natalya, Eve is good in the ring AND has a well-rounded character that she is playing to perfection. Expect Eve to retain her championship here but don’t expect her business with Kaitlyn to be done quite yet. One thing that Kaitlyn needs now is a better finisher. We have seen that she is very strong and she needs a powerful finisher rather than the Reverse DDT. WWE needs a new powerful Diva since Beth Phoenix is gone and Kaitlyn can certainly fit the bill. Kaitlyn will hopefully get another title oppurunity at TLC before Eve moves onto a rumored feud with AJ.


YouTube Pre-show Match
Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal

WWE is giving this match away for free? This match is tag team gold just waiting to happen. I will just say this, right now, 3MB is either an “I love it” or “I can’t stand it” gimmick. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of middle ground. I think the 3MB is the funniest thing on WWE right now. The combination of these three men is baffling many people but I think that they have found a niche with their comedy rocker act. Heath, Jinder, and McIntyre are three incredibly talented men and if being in a Spinal Tap-ish group leads to their success, then so be it. It will eventually lead to one of the men wanting to “go solo” and feuding with the others, so at least it is building something from nothing and helping these men get back on track. This will be a fresh matchup for both of these teams and the announcers can play up the history that Gabriel and Slater have with each other. Gabriel and Kidd will have the crowd on their side with their high flying offense so at least this match will get the crowd excited for Survivor Series. The winner of this match will probably be decided by the presence of Drew McIntyre. If Drew returns from his bereavement time following the tragic passing of his mother, expect 3MB to win. WWE needs to continue building the momentum of 3MB so expect them to pull out the win.


A segment with AJ Lee and Vickie Guerrero regarding the ongoing scandal situation is planned for the show but this time with AJ presenting evidence against Vickie Guerrero. You can also expect Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara to be featured in some sort of tag team match with The Prime Time Players.

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