Mick Foley Comments On RAW, Vickie Gets Dolph, The Miz & More

– Mick Foley commented on his appearance on Monday’s WWE RAW Supershow tweeting, “Could anyone tell that those shoes were killing me? Thank goodness for my legendary pain tolerance!” Foley later tweeted, “SLATER IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN! Really enjoyed seeing @cyndilauper back in a WWE ring again. Great stuff with Cyndi and Hot Rod.” He also praised Alicia Fox, “I don’t think one can truly appreciate just how beautiful @AliciaFoxy is without an up-close viewing. Tough to even put a sentence together”

– Vickie Guerrero commented on the storyline triangle between her, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger, tweeting, “Today Is the end of all the fighting between @HEELZiggler and jack swagger….dolph won my admiration,” Monday night.

– Ricardo Rodriguez, who has wrestled on the independents and in FCW as Chimaera, wrote the following teaser on Twitter Monday night after he laid out Santino Marella on RAW expressing his “anger” and “rage,” tweeting, “#AngerRising #ChimaerasRage,” during RAW.

– The Miz who has been off WWE television in recent weeks is wondering if anyone is missing him. He tweeted, “Miss me yet???” late Monday night.