Mick Foley Comments On “This Is Your Life”, Raw News, HOF

– Stan sent word that this week’s 3-hour RAW had only 35 minutes and 12 seconds of in-ring action. This is actually down from the previous week’s two-hour show.

– Tickets for the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony are expected to go on sale mid-January.

– On Monday’s RAW, Mick Foley paid homage to a classic moment from the Attitude Era and hosted a “This Is Your Life” segment for John Cena.

A fan wrote to Foley on Twitter suggesting that WWE intentionally made the “This Is Your Life” bad. Foley replied to the tweet with the following:

“Exactly – the segment with @JohnCena was so bad it was good, and @TheRock put it out of its misery. Mr Cena was CLASSIC though!”