Mick Foley Praises Damien Sandow; Defends WWE’s Recent Booking Of Daniel Bryan

During Monday’s WWE RAW, Damien Sandow cashed in his Money In The Bank Contract against John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship. John Cena was able to defeat Sandow and retain his title in a very entertaining and lengthy match to kick off RAW.

WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley was really impressed with Damien Sandow, even though he did not win the championship. Foley posted the following on his official Twitter account:

Foley was met with a lot of disappointed fans on his Twitter, who felt that Damien Sandow did not have a successful “cash in” attempt. Fans were not understanding why a young, up and coming star like Damien Sandow was being held back by WWE and John Cena. Foley posted the following through Twitter:

Later in the night, Mick Foley would defend WWE and their decision to have Damien Sandow lose on RAW, and he would also defend the recent booking of Daniel Bryan. It may seem that Bryan is losing his momentum as he has not been able to win the WWE Championship in his last three attempts on pay-per-view. Foley reminds us that he is a WWE Hall of Famer, and he did lose a lot of his matches during his career. The following was tweeted by Mick Foley:

  • The Knight of Truth

    Couldnt agree more. Its not win/loss that really matters, but the performance you give in….

    • http://slidespin.tv/ CrystalFissure

      How were you feeling in July this year? “Age of Sandow” – classic. He was wrong, for a long time at least.