Mick Foley Praises John Cena For “Rescuing” Final Segment Of WWE Raw

This past Monday’s episode of WWE RAW in Seattle, Washington, saw one of the better endings to the show in recent memory. However, the final segment to the show may not have finished as well if it weren’t for World Champion John Cena and his powerful promo.

During the Championship Ascension Ceremony, 20 former World/WWE Champions were all in the ring at the same town. One of those former champions was Daniel Bryan, and the fans in the arena were firmly behind their hometown hero. While Triple H and Randy Orton were trying to cut their respective promos in the ring, the fans were letting their voice be heard. Chants of “Daniel Bryan,” “Yes, Yes, Yes” and even “Boring” were made loud and clear during their promos, which even brought out a genuine smirk from Bryan himself. It wasn’t until John Cena got on the mic, that he was able to bring the segment back to focus. Cena recognized that the crowd wanted Daniel Bryan in that main event picture, and brought him into the segment. He even shook Bryan’s hand and guaranteed him a title match if he was the winner Sunday at the TLC pay-per-view. Cena was able to tie in Bryan’s hard work ethic, and the support he receives from the WWE Universe because of it, against Orton’s entitlement and easy road to the WWE.

Cena delivered a powerful and truthful promo on RAW, and even received cheers from the fans who normally boo him. The promo also received praise from a WWE Hall Of Famer, who happened to be in the ring Monday night.

Mick Foley posted the following on his official Twitter account Friday night:

  • charovnica

    Rescue? Rescue from what? We hoped for a Cena turn,but it seems like Foley turned instead :D In the meantime WWE classified Cena as an underrated superstar in one of their new articles. Yep…

  • theAwesome1

    Just wait, you are going to get your Cena heel turn this Sunday. Venus is going to turn heel, join the Authority and get everyone all up in arms. Then his girlfriend will follow as they break up the Bellas too. Venus will then dodge Daniel and his girl at all costs until he wins the Rumble, and the build up will begin till Wrestlemania.

    • JaxMonroe

      Good theory, except 100% untrue. Cena turning heel will not happen. Period.

    • Kdawg361

      Cena has already said he’s not turning heel ever. Vince would never go for it. Cena is what the kids come to see. He turns heel then there goes a lot of profit bc kids don’t want to have cloths that belong to a heel. Yeah so the women will still find him hot, but he nor Vince will ever let the heel turn happen

      • Mr Slippyfist

        That’s exactly why its going to happen. Read between the lines. Corporate Cena is here.

      • Jared Mosher

        They said the same thing about hulk hogan before the nWo