Mick Foley Predicts That Monday’s Raw Will Be a Magical Night For One WWE Superstar

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley published the following blog on his Facebook page about Cesaro:


For those of you who did not see my #LegendsOfWrestlemania panel on #WWENetwork, or who were distracted by my awesome, custom made western themed Santa shirt, ot what appeared to be some prediction between me and Ric Flair – I made a bold prediction. As most of you know, I’ve been an outspoken advocate for Daniel Bryan, and I am going to stand by my belief that Daniel Bryan holding that WWE World Heavyweight Championship aloft while 75,000 strong chant “YES” is absoluitely what is best for business.

But, as huge as #Wrestlemania is, it is often the #RAW following #Mania that raises a deserving talent up a rung on the ladder to success – no easy feat in the competitive world of #WWE. I just get this FEELING that this Monday’s RAW is going to be that magic night for Antonio Cesaro.

If it wasn’t 5 am where I am, I’d go into more detail, but suffice to say, the unique atmosphere that always accompanies that post-Mania RAW – where fans from around the world state very loudly and proudly who it is they want to see, often serves as a harbinger of things to come. It’s just a hunch – no polling, or scientific data went into this prediction. But, like musician Phil Collins once sang, “I Can Feel it in the Air Tonight” uh, huh. Something tells me, we’re all going to feel it…and hear it, for Cesar on Monday night.