Mick Foley Reviews Edge’s New DVD; Says WM Match Is Missing

WWE.com has published an article of Mick Foley reviewing Edge’s new DVD, “The Story of Edge.” The DVD is scheduled for release next Tuesday. Foley speaks highly of the DVD in his review, complimenting how the DVD does a tremendous job of describing Edge’s story, the cast of characters interviewed including his mother and WWE for reaching out to past stars to take part and be featured. Foley criticised WWE for not including more matches, including his match against Edge in 2006 at WrestleMania 22.


“I love the fact that the Edge-Randy Orton match from July 19, 2004 is on the disc – one of the most intense Raw matches I’ve ever seen.  But wonder, where, um, you know, that match that he and I did at Wrestlemania is, the one that was voted “Match of the Year” by WWE fans in 2006. I guess that’s the challenge of mining for just twelve perfect nuggets from a vault of solid gold. I, for one, hope there’s a sequel in the works.” Foley said.


He also raised concerns over DVD issues that he feels are starting to be resolved.  “My main complaint on some DVDs in WWE’s past, is that they seem almost formulaic – always well done and produced with that polish only WWE knows how to apply. But I sometimes got the idea that these DVD’s were relying on whatever interesting and knowledgeable talent wasn’t busy on a particular day. Like a stroll through catering would turn up just enough talent who could provide just enough good sound-bites to give the WWE Universe just enough to keep them happy. I’m happy to say, that this DVD continues the recent trend as seen in the recent exemplary DVDs on Stone Cold and The Rock towards really searching out the people who knew the stories, who lived the matches, who were personal witnesses to the great moments that unfolded in Edge’s career.”