Mick Foley Says He Was Disgusted By Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View

The crowd in Pittsburgh weren’t the only ones upset with Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble 30-man main event. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley tweeted the following during Sunday’s pay-per-view:

  • boggie

    harsh but deserved…

  • xViickk

    Very well said Mick

  • Waqas Khan

    check Danial Bryan Tweet

  • james

    ya its pretty sad when a guy WHO works with wwe yes works with wwe found the ppv to be disgusting and he is right worst ppv ever a 46 year old has been who got gassed 10 seconds in the match wins come on wwe you used to be better than this >>_>>

  • Shawn Moon

    Rumble started off strong with DB and BW but went down hill quick booing at a championship match and very displeased with Rumble ended 15min early one of the worse in years and Pittsburgh left WWE know it sucked . And we froze for that crap should of sold my tix

  • james

    also if you noticed there was literally no surprise entrants except only nice like wtf seriously thats the appeal of rumble to see one night returns

    • james

      opps meant nash not nice lol

  • Albert T

    Unfortunately, Vince blew it again. Better luck next time. I hope he learned his lesson.