Mick Foley Talks About CM Punk Walking Away From WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley posted the following Facebook entry in regards to CM Punk being in considerable pain for the past three years and him making the decision to walk away from the company:

“Yes, the response to that funny photo of CM Punk on a milk carton was incredible. While I respect everybody’s opinion – as long as it is given in a respectful way, I have to disagree with those out there who find great fault in Punk’s simply walk away. I am kind of like a ghost that drifts in and out of WWE, but in my past three years of drifting, I have never been to a WWE event where Punk was not in considerable pain. Ice packs, heating pads, and visits to the trainer were as much a part of his daily routine as eating. sleeping, and wrestling. Performing at that level, in that degree of pain was only possible when accompanied by the passion that turned an unlikely Indy kid into one of the greatest WWE superstars of his generation. Once that passions gone, then so are all of the things that made him great. I know what it feels like to go through the motions, and to do what needs to be done solely for the paycheck. It’s not pretty – and though I have not talked to Punk since the night before he left, I have to believe he has too much respect for what he does to let people see him going through the motions. If or when that day comes when CM punk returns to WWE, I hope it’s with that same passion that made so many of you care about him to begin with.”

  • LissaG

    It’s pretty much impossible to dislike Mick Foley. He has such a good heart.

  • Harps Starkz

    I would rather have a fresh new punk then a injured upset working one.

  • CMP

    I don’t think fans realize that every time a wrestler goes out there and puts on a match they’re not only risking catastrophic injury, but they’re basically tenderizing their body and taking years off their life. It’s easy to call CM Punk a “pussy” and turning on him for “disrespecting” the fans but what it comes down to is a man not wanting to takes years off his life and not performing at 100% for US. The only thing I would really want as an enormous CM Punk fan is some closure or at least WWE to acknowledge him. The dude’s not Voldemort or Beniot.

    • BluMeany

      As Paul Heyman has mentioned a few times, no one but Vince, Punk, and HHH know what has been said and what is going on. Until one of the three talks, there’s no way to rightly pass judgement on anyone. Could be that Punk pulled a Warrior, OR could be that Punk told them that he is hurting and in a bad place mentally and all three agreed that time off was wise. We don’t know.

  • rohit arora

    foley stated it perfectly