Mick Foley Talks About Why He Likes Hulk Hogan

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley published the following on his Facebook this week:


Yes, I like Hulk Hogan – and here’s why. With each passing year, I think I gain a better perspective on what’s really important in life. There was a time – a period of many years – where Hulk’s name would bring up some negative feelings for me. He was the guy who made far more than I did with a style that was the antithesis of mine.

But for the past several years, whenever I see Hulk Hogan, all I can think of are the words Shane Douglas shared with me about Hulk Hogan and the kindness and warmth with which he showered the kids facing life-threatening challenges, who seemed to find strength and inspiration in Hulk’s larger than life physique and personality. I’ll never forget those words Shane told me, “Those kids would just be beaming.”

Those words are all I think of when I see Hogan, People can take issue with his wrestling style…as they often do with mine. But, when it’s all said and done, Hulk Hogan used that oversized personality, and really big heart to ease so much suffering that he saw around him..

In the bigger picture, does anything else really matter?

  • Laurence

    Slightly naive. He pandered to the kids because it made him a fortune and allowed him to get into movies and other media. If Hogan wasn’t a wrestler but just some guy working a 9-5, i doubt very much he’d be doing charitable voluntary work out of the goodness of his own heart.
    It saddens me how WWE has made me cynical of my wrestling heroes over the last 10 years when the company has been so open about money, stock prices, merchandise sales, gate receipts, PPV sales as opposed to the art and craft of heels vs faces and good old fashioned story telling.

  • pik

    Dolph Ziggler is a lost cause and WWE should send him down to NXT to job to Adrian Neville for a couple of months before redebuting Dolph as The Red Rooster Jr. so he can cut passionate promos of himself going COCKADOODLEDOO and he can finally get rid of his pink homoerotic ring gear. The WWE will never trust him due to his sloppy work which ends up with him getting a concussion every couple of months… If they dont send Dolph down to NXT then they should just release him after he jobs out to younger talent for the next few months.

    • codys moustache

      Dolph zigglers a good hand. He’s got a job with wwe for life. He got in my opinion the biggest cash in reaction ever and who knows things may change a few years down the line and he could very well find himself in the main event.
      If I were dolph I’d be loving life

  • pik

    John Cena vs Kane is going to tear the house down. Its a shame they have less than 20 minutes if not i would say it would easily be a MOTY contender. Guys like Ziggler and Rollins open up the show and do their little flippy stuff to impress the children in the crowd but guys like John Cena and Kane are the reasons the arenas sell out everywhere they go and real wrestling fans know that John Cena and Kane are living legends in this business and its a privlege everytime we get to see them in action.

  • pik

    Batista made the right decision to turn down the match with Bryan. Batista is one of the top WWE superstars and was nice enough do the job for that overrated midget, Daniel Bryan. If they just wanted him to put Bryan over AGAIN then i say Batista made a good choice and he should wait until his movie does come out and then he can squash Bryan at SumerSlam. Say what you want about Batista but he is a very accomplished performer and one of the top names in the WWE and his brand is getting bigger by the day. I definitely see at least 2 WWE title reigns in Batsitas future because after his movie comes out he is gonna be an even bigger star than he is now and he is one of the best workers in the business especially when it comes to story telling and pschology.

  • pik

    I hope RVD sqashes that overrated balding Swiss jobber. Cesaro has failed at every gimmick he has had. First he was a rugby player that was Aksanas love interest, then he was very European, then he was a yoddler and he failed at ALL of them. Real Americans worked because of Zeb and Swagger. How many chances is Cesaro going to get? I dont see Heyman doing much for Cesaro. Curtis Axel and Ryback have more pure wrestling ability than Cesaro and Heyman did him no good.Thats whats wrong with Cesaro, his little swing is not realistic and causes no damage. It is just a chance for smarks in the crowd to participate by counting the swings. All Cesaro has is his swing, the Neutralizer, and a bunch of European Uppercuts..yawn

    • Canadian Redneck

      Obvious Troll is obvious!

      • pik

        Today is a very special day, on June 27, 2002 the greatest superstar of all time and future first ballot Hall Of Famer, John Cena, made his debut on Smackdown. I dont know about you all but i am going to go back and relive this historic moment by watching the episode on the WWE Network.Since his debut he has overcome all the odds to become a multi-time WWE Champion and has led the WWE into one of its most successful periods. We are all lucky to be wrestling fans during the John Cena era. I hope he has at least 10 more years left in the tank.

    • codys moustache

      I now realise you have no idea what your talking about

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/TimPhilly317 TimPhillips

    Frankly…that’s part of the reason why I’ll always have a shred of respect for Cena. The IWC can paint it up as him fulfilling an agenda all they want. The fact is Cena is still kicking ass with the Make-A-Wish foundation (how many kids has he met now? 400?). I refuse to believe there’s something sinister behind it.

    • charovnica

      Well, most don’t really have problem with Cena as a person, at least I don’t. Whenever I’m speaking negatively about Cena it’s about his character and the fact that it doesn’t seem to progress in any way. It gets stale.

    • codys moustache

      Sure cenas a good guy, but is he aware his gimmick need some improvement? Because it sucks ass!
      Remember the saying no one man is bigger than wwe, well for a while now one man has been wwe. It’s time to change that man! Give the kids a cool new hero and turn cena heel! Actually fuck the kids! Haven’t they got fathers to look up to?