Mick Foley Talks Smashing His TV For Daniel Bryan, Most Vicious Chair Attacks, Birthdays

– Mick Foley briefly spoke with Newsday about smashing a TV last week in protest of how WWE has treated Daniel Bryan. He was asked if it made him feel better and replied:

“A little bit, but once the family forbid me to do it live, or in the house, the act lost most of its power. But technically, I did break a TV in protest — even if my swing lacked a follow-through, a habit developed through hitting thousands of fly balls to my son in our backyard — where a follow-through would have meant pulling the ball to left, into the neighbor’s yard.”

WWE.com has published a playlist of the most vicious chair attacks.

– Wrestling legend Dennis Condry turns 62 years old today while former WWE star Nick “Mitch” Mitchell turns 41.

  • Coldgrits

    Always a whore for TV time and publicity Foley ;) your a good dude though, and stand with the fans.