Mick Foley Worried About Daniel Bryan & Praises Adam Rose, Sheamus Celebrates Title Win (Video)

– Mick Foley posted the following on Twitter:

– Mick Foley also praised Adam Rose, posting the following to Twitter about his Raw debut:

– The newly crownded United States Champion Sheamus talks about stepping “back into glory”.

  • cj

    lol I forgot all about the eve/Ryder/Kane thing, which derived from the Edge/Lita/Kane thing that started out as the Matt/Lita/Kane thing which was like the Xpac/Tori/Kane thing in 2000 which is now the Bryan/Brie/Kane thing of 2014 lol.


      Don’t forget the HHH/Katie Vick/Kane thing

      • cj

        Ah yes the Kane/HHH/Katie Vick thing and the very brief Kane/Orton/Kelly Kelly thing lol

    • LissaG

      Kane scores all the chicks…..it must be that sexy red fleshy looking mask….or the (pretend) dead eye….so much to be attracted too…or not.

  • Kayfaber

    Bryan will be short lived

  • bengalsmarvel

    Bryan is way more over than Ryder ever was.Bryan will be fine i think they will use this feud to build him up

  • Ryan Derringer

    Foley needs to lighten up. This angle is only being done to set Kane up as a big threat to DB’s titles. Bryan will bury Kane alive at Payback and that will be the end of it.