Mickie James Comments On Reports Of Her Having Backstage Heat

Mickie James wrote the following on Twitter in response to reports that she caused problems backstage at Bound For Glory:

“I usually don’t even bother to entertain ignorance. But to report blatant lies is quite humorous… Anyone who knows me… Knows I would never behave like that… And they also know I respect & appreciate everyone as we all work hard as a team to make an incredible product. Fact! The seamstress already knew she was putting the logo on the shirt Thursday. Fact. I bought a ref shirt to make but when Earl gave me one of his official TNA shirts I couldn’t resist. Fact. Post match I gave the shirt to the trading card company to be cut up and added to the new cards coming soon. =)

Fact… To feed lies to the internet with the intent of maliciously harming someone’s reputation obviously says a lot about ones character & own insecurities… I pity them.. And send them love anyway… Fact! To report a blatant lie is not only bad journalism… But unprofessional. But hey… I guess that’s why they’re called dirt sheets… Lmao… I just wanted to clear that up gang! Much love.. And goodnight! Muah!”