Mike Adamle On His Struggles With CTE, Top 10 SmackDown Moments

The Chicago Tribune has an interview up with former NFL player and Raw General Manager Mike Adamle. Adamle discusses his struggles with CTE, and that the type of epilepsy he deals with it is related to bruising of the brain. It was noted that he can no longer drive himself and lives his life in routines, because one thing can set him off. When asked about his mortality, he had the following to say:

“You pop up like this. It’s hard not to, it happens to a zillion people every day on the planet Earth. I’ll be gone. I’d like to make that a little longer and I definitely don’t want to spend it in an old folks home; that’s never going to happen. So we just keep on going until.”

— Here are the top 10 moments from this week’s episode of SmackDown Live: