The Mike Check – New Ideas For Old Superstars

It has becoming more and more common in WWE for superstars that are not in the main event scene to lose their way and get stuck in what is commonly known as “Mid-Card Hell.” This is when through the failure of the WWE writing staff, good talent is wasted to the point where most of them are shown the door from the company. With Wrestlemania coming and a new “season” of WWE upon us, I thought I would give some ideas of how I would save some current talent in WWE and give them some new ideas to work with.

JTG: Ever since Cryme Tyme’s ending, JTG is one man that cannot seem to find his niche in WWE. From what I have seen of the man, JTG does have flashes of potential to be more than just fodder for the Ryback’s of WWE. JTG can be saved by a simple gimmick change He can leech onto another man’s potential and thereby breath some new life into his own career. JTG should become the apprentice to Damien Sandow. In doing so, he disavows the “gangsta” lifestyles for that of a life of higher learning and classical music, becoming Jayson Thomas Grimes.

Alex Riley and Mason Ryan: After turning on The Miz, Riley became the face of the month and beat his former mentor on Pay-Per-View. Soon after that Alex Riley vanished from the airways after the WWE failed to follow up correctly on the turn. I for one believe that Alex Riley is better served in playing as a heel. Mason Ryan was another man that the WWE failed to capitalize on after he turned face. This was shocking to me considering how much Vince McMahon loves his big men. I believe that Alex Riley and Mason Ryan should come back to TV as a heel tag team known as The Varsity Villians. Riley did this High School bully gimmick for a awhile down in FCW but never on WWE TV. In every 1980’s high school movie, the cocky jock has a muscular menace doing his dirty work for him, this would be the ideal gimmick for Mason Ryan.

Evan Bourne and Justin Gabriel: Evan Bourne has had one bad year. First he was suspended for drug use and then when he was ready to come back, he breaks his foot and has been out of action ever since. Justin Gabriel has been used as enhancement talent for the past two years, even after he got the “Cena Bump” and pinned Sheamus on an episode of RAW. These are two men that have so much in common in their styles and persona, I am shocked that the WWE has not thought of this tag team already. Just picture the image of a stereo 450 and Shooting Star Splash on their challengers. If you think that a tag team between two small superstars could not go anywhere, just remember that London and Kendrick held the WWE Tag Team Titles for over a year.

Drew McIntyre: When Drew McIntyre debuted, he had the making of a future World Champion but fell from grace almost as hard and fast as he rose. As of late, he has been teaming with Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal as part of the 3MB stable. This is where some of you will think I am nuts but I think Drew could pull off the Rock Star gimmick on his own. After getting beat time and time again as a part of the 3MB, Drew rightfully decides that he can do better and decides to “Go Solo” once again. Drew coming out to rock music, banging his head and hair to an impressive guitar riff, it could be, as Wayne Campbell once again, EXCELLENT!

Michael McGillicuty: McGillicutty has been damned in the company ever since he lost on NXT and gave arguably the worst promo in WWE history. McGillicuty’s career could be reborn by the simple reasoning of Occam’s Razor, the simplest explanation is the usually the correct one. All WWE would have to do is change his name from Michael McGillicutty to Joe Hennig, honoring his late father Curt Hennig. All you need to do to enforce the new gimmick is show vignettes of Hennig doing things that his father Mr. Perfect used to like playing baseball and basketball but you show him doing things even better. Why WWE is so against him being Joe Hennig, we may never know.

Kofi Kingston: Kofi Kingston is one of the most talented superstars that the WWE has failed to push time and time again. He was wasted for over a year in tag teams like Air Boom and Boom Truth and recently had a forgetful run as Intercontinental Champion. Kofi has the capability to entertain in nearly every match that he is in and has shown that he can hang in there with top tier superstars like The Miz, Sheamus, and even Randy Orton. Kofi has been a face since he first made his debut on the ECW brand and he is time for him to get a change of pace and become a heel. Kofi would finally turn on the WWE fans and be able to be proud of his African roots, blaming his short comings on the WWE and its fans for having “Americanized” him.

R-Truth: R-Truth is another man like Kofi Kingston that has all of the potential needed to be a main event superstar but has been held back and placed in mid-card hell for nearly the past year. His time as a heel was some of the most entertaining material that WWE produced. R-Truth can keep the gimmick that he has AND be a heel. This all would depend on Little Jimmy. What if all of a sudden Little Jimmy was telling him to do very bad things like hitting people with chairs and attacking people without provocation? R-Truth has the capability to sell the schizophrenic angle.

Those are my ideas for how to give new life into these superstars and maybe through word of mouth and a little luck, a member of the WWE creative team will see editorial. If you enjoyed my rambling thoughts, you can added me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.

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