Mike Shannon’s Take – Why John Cena vs. the Rock Should Headline Wrestlemania Again

There has been a lot of talk online following last night’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view about how fans don’t want to see a rematch between John Cena and the Rock at WrestleMania XXIX.

Right, why would WWE want a repeat of the highest grossing match in modern wrestling history?

The Rock against John Cena is a match-up of the two biggest stars in wrestling right now. Sure, CM Punk is an internet darling and an excellent worker. However, he doesn’t have the mainstream appeal that John Cena and the Rock.

Punk has been a fine champion the past year and anyone who reads my articles with regularity knows I am a huge fan of Punk’s work. However, it’s no secret that WWE’s ratings haven’t exactly flown through the roof with Punk at the top of the card.

That’s not a knock on CM Punk but rather a reflection of the wrestling business as a whole in 2013. Business is down but part-time workers like the Rock, Triple H, and the Undertaker still draw money from casual fans at big events.

The Rock won the world title for one simple reason: Promote the hell out of WrestleMania.

Rocky is bonafide movie star. He is starring in two of the most popular movie franchises in recent memory (Fast and Furious and GI Joe). He will be making the talk show rounds to promote these movies, so why not have the WWE title draped over his shoulder while he is being interviewed by Jay Leno?

On the flip side, you have John Cena. Now, I know internet fans go crazy with a simple mention of Cena’s name, however you cannot deny that he is the main attraction of WWE television. He is, behind the Rock, the biggest star in the company.

So therefore, when you have your company’s biggest show, you want to have the main event be a match-up of your two most popular and mainstream performers.

I think the main reason people do not want to see Cena-Rock II is because they “know” that John Cena will be winning the match and avenging his loss from last year. So really, it has nothing to do with being bored by the match-up and everything to do with not wanting to see John Cena win the world title at WrestleMania once again.

At some point, fans need to realize that Cena is a main event staple and he is not, I repeat, not going to be turning heel at any point in the future. Cena moves merchandise, he is extremely popular with young children, and he is very active outside the ring with various charity organizations. He is what anyone would call a model employee.

There are rumors that say if the Undertaker can’t perform at WrestleMania, CM Punk will be inserted into the main event to make the match a Triple Threat. I would really have no problem with this but I highly doubt that CM Punk’s involvement in the match would move the buyrate in either direction.

So, wrestling fans, think about this from a business standpoint. You have the opportunity to have a rematch of the highest grossing bout in WrestleMania history, why wouldn’t you run it again? When the buyrate comes in, you’ll understand why Rock-Cena II is the correct choice for WWE’s bottom line.

Now, that Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger world heavyweight title match-up…


  • Luke

    GI Joe one of the most popular movie franchises?…No. But I agree with the article. Cena vs Rock is the most logical match-up, if not the most creative. I would have KILLED for Undertaker vs Rock though…

    • MikeS

      I guess I should have just said that the movie is going to make a boatload of cash