Mike Shannon’s Take – How WWE Has Ruined Daniel Bryan

The relationship that I have with wrestling has always been the equivalent of an abusive marriage. Wrestling was my first love, even before football, baseball, or hockey. Wrestling was with me all through childhood with Hulk Hogan and through my teenage angst period when Steve Austin and DX ruled the airwaves.

Today, my relationship with wrestling has turned abusive. Wrestling has been so bad to me for so long that some days I feel like I want to give up and get rid of it forever. I keep giving it chances though and, sometimes, wrestling is very good to me. CM Punk comes along and delivers his “pipe bomb” promo, the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels steal the show at WrestleMania, or Brock Lesnar returns in front of the most raucous crowd in recent memory.

Much like the marriage that is saved by one great Saturday night every couple months, I keep giving my relationship with wrestling “second” chances. Sure, I might skip a week or two here and there, but both of us know that I will be back, typing away on my laptop about the latest tag team or failed babyface push.

Unfortunately, they might finally have run out of chances.

The past three pay-per-views may finally have broken my spirit for good. Daniel Bryan has been buried so extensively and decisively that I see no way he can recover from it. Last night’s loss at Hell in a Cell was the final nail in the coffin, as Shawn Michaels cost his former student the WWE title and left Randy Orton as the champion.

Hey look, John Cena and Randy Orton as the company’s champions! This can’t go wrong…right, guys? Guys?

On the final Raw before Hell in a Cell, Triple H said that Daniel Bryan was just like Chris Jericho, Edge, and Rob Van Dam: A popular wrestler but lacking what it takes to be the “face of WWE”, presumably like he, the Almighty Triple H, was.

As Jericho rightly pointed out, Triple H never was the face of WWE. He was a major player for sure but Steve Austin and the Rock made Hunter into what he was. However, Triple H has the suit coat and, much like Vince McMahon, that makes his word the only word that matters.

Hunter has spent the past few months convincing crowds that Daniel Bryan is a midcard wrestler who doesn’t deserve his main event matches. That storyline would usually progress to the point where Bryan wins the big match against his foe to prove the evil heel wrong and win victory and respect for himself.

However, Bryan has lost each and every time that he has had his “big match moment”. It doesn’t matter that Triple H screwed him once, Big Show interrupted the second time, and that Shawn Michaels superkicked him the third time…what matters is he lost. Fans don’t want to cheer a loser and that’s exactly what they are doing by backing Bryan. Soon enough, Bryan will be pushed down the midcard or tag ranks once again and John Cena or Sheamus will swoop in to save the day.

Don’t think it already hasn’t started happening either. Crowd reactions (outside of the “YES!” chants) to Bryan have become noticeably smaller and people are starting to lose faith in him. To make mattes worse, Randy Orton has been reduced to being Triple H’s sniveling henchman while Hunter gets to play the smart-ass heel who is smarter than all the babyfaces.

To recap:

1. The top heel in the main event storyline is Triple H, who is retired.
2. The second top heel is Stephanie McMahon, who cannot wrestle, has never been a wrestler, and is female so therefore can never be touched. This is a major problem because heels have to get what’s coming to them eventually and Stephanie is untouchable. Plus, she’s a McMahon so you know she’s never going to look bad.

3. Shawn Michaels may or may not have turned heel at Hell in a Cell but, then again, who cares? He’s retired.

4. Randy Orton is relegated to the background during Hunter and Steph’s evil promos. He’s so stiff out there that they might as well replace him with a cardboard cutout and give a prize to the fan who notices first.

5. Daniel Bryan is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy about who belongs in the main event.

I can already hear some of you in the comments section: “Well, they’re going to give Daniel the title at WrestleMania! You don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Look, I shouldn’t have to wait until April to see Daniel Bryan win the big match. By that time, he’ll have lost so many times that no one will care when he actually wins the title and he’ll drop it to someone else at the next pay-per-view.

What was wrong with allowing Bryan to win the title from Orton, thus proving he could win the match, and then having Triple H make his life a living heel for a few months?

Also, what match is this whole storyline building towards? We’ve already seen Orton vs. Bryan, so does that mean I’m supposed to hope it’s Bryan vs. Triple H? What about Bryan vs. Shawn Michaels? I really don’t know where they are going with this and I don’t think they do either.

Which brings me back to my original point: I think it’s over. I think professional wrestling as an art form and sport is dead and buried. In it’s place is whatever this product that WWE presents on a weekly basis with 50-50 booking, completely scripted promos, and punishment for the audience when they dare to cheer someone they weren’t supposed to. Of course, the death of professional wrestling is the subject of an article for another time (or a book…hmmm).

Will I be back next week to watch? Sure I will. I know I will. However, becoming emotionally invested in a character and hoping that WWE does the right thing for once? That’s just like going back to the wife who kicks you in the nuts every few weeks. Sure, she might apologize for it once in awhile, but you know she’s going to kick you in the nuts again.

Anyways, this article is in place of my usual Raw review tonight because I simply need a week off of the Triple H Show. Maybe Bryan will get some measure of revenge tonight, throw a pie in Steph’s face, and get a pinfall over Orton in a tag match to show he means business and pop the crowd huge. No matter what happens, I know it won’t matter in the end and that’s probably the most disappointing thing of all.

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  • http://www.ring-rap.com/ Jay Ciaravino

    Oh yeah. I couldn’t agree more. I grew up watching the guys in the same era’s as you, and had the same feelings. I went away from wrestling right around WM 19. This year, on New’s Years Day, I began to watch again. I said, hey, why not give it a year and see if you can find a reason to watch. As it stands, I haven’t missed a show. And, unfortunately, I have had 10 months of disappointment. I don’t know if the product is suffering due to the fact that WWE is now corporate, and has shareholders to answer too, or if it’s like music, where once you age a bit, you really don’t understand the new stuff like you once did. Either way, I’m definitely not into it as much as I want to be. That’s what bother’s me the most though. I REALLY want to be into it, but they just continue to deliver nothing. I’ll finish out the year as I set out to do, but I don’t know if I’ll be around for 2014. Hopefully they deliver a reason to keep tuning in.

  • Nipple man


    • MikeS

      Wow, he made a 50 year old, retired wrestler tap out in an interview segment…NEXT STEVE AUSTIN!!

      • Rey Ca$h

        That 50 year old retired wrestler is still better than 90% of the roster in the eyes of the fans, and if he wanted to, could come back and still be the top guy.

        • MikeS

          But he’s not and he’s not a top guy. He’s an old guy with a hunting show.

          • Rey Ca$h

            Old guy, hunting show, or not…the fans see him as such. Aren’t the fans the reason Daniel Bryan got this whole push in the first place?…

  • john

    i agree to a certain point. HHH is just hogging the spotlight at the expense of Bryan and even Orton. But i disagree with Bryan not winning a big match. He pinned Cena CLEAN!! how many people can say that? even if Cena had to leave for surgery, they easily could have had Bryan lose, but they didn’t. And i dont know what your saying about his reactions getting smaller…i dont see that at all. And he then proceeded to Pin orton. Now, i do agree that having him lose the title 4 ppv’s in a row basically is BS. just give him the ball and let him run like they did with PUNK!!

  • The Knight of Truth

    Bryan deserves to be ruinned. How many times did Bryan slice is face
    with a blade? Look at Orton vs Foley Backlash 2004 or John Cena vs JBL I
    Quit match from 2005 and think wheather Bryan would dare to do stuffs
    like those. Thiss is not CIRCUS, this is WRESTLING, we dont watch
    wrestling for geeky high flying moves like missile drop kickss. We watch
    for power housing and brawling. Back in the 80s high flyers were a bunch
    of jobbers in the WWF, and power houses like Hogan, Andre and Savage
    dominated the business. It was different in other promotions though, but
    this is WWF/E……

    • Kevin Bohorquez

      Is way more entertaining watching guys perform risky moves than watching gusy grabbing themselves…. And this is not only my opinion, look at the comments in the IWC and you’ll see a lot of ECW love.

      • The Knight of Truth

        Yeah, your comment is based on the IWC argument rather than watching WWE in the early 2000s. It was the Hardy Boyz performances on those TLC matches that made high flying as popular as it is today within WWE (though it was popular betweenn 94-96, but then lost popularity, until 2001), but the Attitude Era was not in the least famous for high flyers. The 80s were dominated by power houses like Hogan and Savage, and 1997-2002 was dominated by brawlers like Austin and Foley. Today violence to that extent is not socially acceptable, and matces like Orton vs Foley Backlash 2004 wont be allowed even at TV 14 ratings. Just watch that match if you can have the time to, and if your heart can take it. The best that WWE can provide now is high flying and thatsd a fact, coming from some one whoes watched WWE for over 13 years and watched the famous 80s matches on youtube…. If you dont like Orton vs Foley, I will understand you are under 16 and obviously it is unsuitable for you as surveys shows that kids prefer high flying moves over barbered wire bat shots, because they are too scared of them….

        • Kevin Bohorquez

          One of my favourite matches is the match between Edge and Foley were Edge spears Foley through a table with flames, love me some bloody matches.

          Look I’m 20, I’m not that old, I started to watch WWE in the early 2000s, the final of the attitude era and I’ve alwyas prefered the ECW matches with risky moves and tables, chairs, wire bats, nails, etc.

          • The Knight of Truth

            Then you must agree that Daniel Bryan has never done anything like those. The blood actually comes from wrestlers slicing their body with small hidden blades. Has Daniel Bryan ever dared to slice his goat face with real blade? Has Daniel Bryan ever allowed himself to get speared onto a f lamming table (believe me that fire was real, Lita lit the fire on real gasoline)? No!!!! But Cena, Orton and Edge are amongst those who have been involved in brutal matches like those!!!!

          • Kevin Bohorquez

            I don’t even know why you bring Daniel Bryan to the conversation, completely off-topic.
            I know they cut themselves, almost everything in wrestling is fake, but they get hit a lot in those brutal matches.

  • SemajTheSellout

    I’m sorry. I wish to be as non-confrontational as possible but this article is very whiny. The breaking point was “Look, I shouldn’t have to wait until April to see Daniel Bryan win the big match.” Are you serious? We are all waiting. And to be honest with you, I’m kinda surprised by the IWC being cry babies about slow burns. Wrestlemania would be a fitting stage for Daniel Bryan to finally break the chains.

    And you say Bryan is getting buried? How? HE BEAT CENA CLEAN WITH A NEW MOVE, HE’S BEATEN ORTON CLEAN WHEN ORTON HASN’T BEATEN HIM CLEAN AT ALL DURING THIS FEUD. HE WAS ENDING EVERY SHOW, THE ENTIRE LOCKER ROOM HAS BEEN BEHIND HIM. Where is this burial you speak of? Big Show is gonna keep Orton busy, get DBRY a quick break with this feud and start it back up after he wins the Rumble or Elimination Chamber. And even if that is kinda predictable, who cares? We’re adults now, thats why the thrill seems to be gone somewhat. We are too smart for our own good. Enjoy the product they have to slave over and knock out like 5X a week for TV and more on the road w/ no breaks.

    Anywho, I’m just trying to keep your love for this business going. By the way, HHH getting pissed and taking the title himself to then lose to DBRY at WMXXX would be epic. Hunter’s still got it to me.

  • revelated

    Mr. Shannons, you lost credibility on quite a few faulty points.

    “Steve Austin and the Rock made Hunter into what he was”

    Debatable. Many would argue that it was DX, and by proxy HBK, that made the character. Sure, it was his feuding with JR and Austin that created the “Cerebral Assassin”, but before DX he was still the blueblood.

    “Hunter has spent the past few months convincing crowds that Daniel Bryan is a midcard wrestler who doesn’t deserve his main event matches.”

    Never once has he said Bryan doesn’t deserve a main event match. He’s said he isn’t the face of the WWE and doesn’t deserve to hold the big belt. He’s also said that he has yet to prove that he is a top tier player. Those that look objectively will agree – but that’s really WWE’s fault, because Bryan Danielson excelled when he was not limited in the ring (ROH).

    “However, Bryan has lost each and every time that he has had his “big match moment”.”

    This is not correct. Daniel Bryan lost ONE of his scheduled matches, the last one. He WON the first match to become champion, clean.

    The MITB cash-in was when he was champion and therefore, doesn’t count.

    “Big Show interrupted the second time,”

    Second time he didn’t “lose”, there was no finish (Battleground). That’s called a draw.

    “and that Shawn Michaels superkicked him the third time…”

    Wrong. Third time was the fast count (Night of Champions), where Bryan WON.

    Fourth was Michaels’ Superkick (Hell in a Cell). He lost.

    SO he lost ONE match out of four, if you look at the “history books”.

    “John Cena or Sheamus will swoop in to save the day”

    It’s obvious why Cena took that title. It’s because they needed someone to help Smackdown’s failing ratings while they try to save RAW’s.

    “The second top heel is Stephanie McMahon, who cannot wrestle, has never been a wrestler…”

    You realize she’s a former Women’s Champion, right? And that was BEFORE she got ripped like she is now. I’ve got no doubt she could tangle if she really wanted to.

    “I really don’t know where they are going with this…”

    And maybe that’s the point. To be unpredictable for a change.

    Anyway, I don’t like the burials either. But I’m willing to see things out now that there are clear signs the WWE is trying to fix a lot at the same time.

    – NXT remains the most exciting program they have.
    – Main Event has quality matches nearly every week.
    – The Wyatts stumbled a bit but now have come into something strong, which can only be a good thing.
    – Kane joining the Authority will make people tune in if for no other reason than curiosity at what they’ll do.
    – People may not like Cena as champ. But it begs the question who will challenge him next. Someone they plan to bring up?
    – The tag team division has never been better. Best matches on the recent programming for a month now.
    – They’re at least trying to push some of the Divas matches. We had TWO on RAW and neither were overly terrible. That’s progress.
    – El Torito has been a pleasant surprise.
    – Managers are back.

    All of this healing takes time, and they’re going to obviously make some mistakes. I think they could use with a Cruiserweight division, just let the guys go crazy with that, and I do think they should bring back the European Championship. I also would like to see their mid tier champions not job as frequently. But still, it’s clear WWE is trying to fix things.

    • MikeS

      My God, this is a long response.

      -HHH wasn’t made into a main event guy until Foley put him over huge. People forget that when Hunter was with DX, he was IC champion level. Revisionist history will do that to you.

      “The MITB cash-in was when he was champion and therefore, doesn’t count.”

      -Right, losing the title doesn’t count. I forgot that…I guess we’ll just forget that ever happened.

      “The second top heel is Stephanie McMahon, who cannot wrestle, has never been a wrestler…”

      You realize she’s a former Women’s Champion, right? And that was
      BEFORE she got ripped like she is now. I’ve got no doubt she could
      tangle if she really wanted to.”

      -OK seriously, I stopped reading after this. STEPHANIE MCMAHON AS A WRESTLER?!?! Please tell me you were joking with this. No one can be this delusional, can they?

      • Rey Ca$h

        Hunter may not have been a top guy until his feud with Foley, but as leader of DX, he was easily one of the most important guys in the company. And what my man meant by “The MITB cash-in was when he was champion and therefore, doesn’t count” is that Bryan wrestled a 30 minute match against John Cena and was taken out by a cash in. Not exactly getting buried. Finally, whether you acknowledge her as such, Stephanie McMahon is a wrestler in every vein that Shane and Vince are. She’s wrestled in numerous matches, had a title reign, and even main evented Raw once. Like it or not, facts are facts my man.

        • MikeS

          Ok, so let’s build to Daniel Bryan vs. Stephanie McMahon then since she’s an accomplished wrestler. Good God…

          • Rey Ca$h

            You telling me you wouldn’t pay to see Bryan hit Stephanie with his Knee Kick???

  • Rey Ca$h

    Man…just no…
    Let’s play Devil’s Advocate. Let’s say Daniel Bryan wins the title at Hell In A Cell. Who does he defend against? What heel is worthy of a title shot right now? Kane? Just came back. Bray Wyatt? Hasn’t earned it yet. Ryback? Nah. The Shield? They’re in the middle of their numerous feuds. Nobody was worthy. Now, Orton with the title? A Big Show feud makes sense. A CM Punk feud makes sense. That’s two credible challengers for at least 2 months that can take you to the Rumble.
    Wrestling is so much bigger than just getting what you want. You can get what you want, but then there is 51 other weeks they have to book. If Daniel Bryan is buried, then Roddy Piper was a jobber. He’d KILL to do what Bryan has done this year. Same as Ted DiBiase. And Curt Hennig. And Scott Hall. And British Bulldog. And Rick Rude. I could go on. But I keep forgetting Daniel Bryan is the living embodiment of God, so he’s untouchable. Seriously, I’m dead ass sick of it.
    You’re my colleague here (I write the Breakdown, cheap shill), so I definitely respect your work and your opinion. But to be honest (no offense meant here), it makes me want to stick an ice pick through my eye. For all these fans that swear up and down they watched the Attitude Era and clamor for it, you guys are the BIGGEST damn hypocrites I’ve ever seen. Back then, the face NEVER kept the title. But I guess, that’s PGs fault too.

    • tobimobi

      See what you just did there is why I love your collumns Rey.

    • MikeS

      So putting Bryan back into a tag team with Kane isn’t moving him down the card? In what universe?

      1. Beats John Cena, immediately loses title
      2. Wrestles Randy Orton, doesn’t win title
      3. Wrestles Randy Orton, loses match and title, is immediately shuffled into the tag ranks.

      Oh yeah, I’m sure he’ll eventually get the title but the point is that he is already cooled off by then. Imagine if they had Punk lose after his “pipe bomb” speech because “well, we can’t give the fans what they want”. That’s just about the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

      This has NOTHING to do with the Attitude Era and everything to do with a guy losing the big match every single time. You can easily have Bryan take the title and have a run against Hunter’s goons for a few months. What exactly has Bryan “done” this year? Held the title for 15 seconds? I’m sure Scott Hall, the British Bulldog, Curt Hennig, Ted DiBiase, and Dusty Rhodes (see, I can name wrestlers too) are very jealous of that.

      But it’s fine, let’s watch more Randy Orton vs. Big Show…that’ll draw TONS of money. It has before, right?

      • Rey Ca$h

        OK, first off, Bryan isn’t in back in a tag team with Kane. The way it looks, he’s going to be teaming with CM Punk (top guy) to face the Wyatts, a group who have been presented wonderfully. One thing Vince does when he pushes you is try to see if you can draw, so he puts you against a lower commodity to see if you can make it draw.
        2) He beat John Cena. Clean. Something nobody’s done since he was the Doctor of Thuganomics. Plus, he beat Randy Orton and won the title, fast count or not. He’s a two time WWE Champ, and a 3 time World Champ. That matters.
        3) Punk before his pipe bomb was already light years ahead of where Bryan is now, let alone after. And you forget…BRYAN WON THE TITLE FOR HIS MOMENT. Punk won the title at Money in the Bank, left, came back, beat Cena at SummerSlam by nefarious means, and what…LOST THE TITLE TO ALBERTO DEL RIO. You got revisionist history my man.
        4) Read any interview with those guys. Except for maybe DiBiase, all those guys would’ve KILLED for a 15 minute title reign. This is gonna sound condescending and I don’t mean for it to, but wrestling’s fake bro. Title reign times don’t mean shit. But winning the title, especially back in the day, means the company trusts you to represent it. There isn’t one guy in the business who gives a fuck how much they hold the title.
        5) Any match can draw if it tells a great story. Andre VS Hogan is one of the shittiest in ring performances I’ve ever seen, but that story is amazing. The Big Show/Orton/HHH story is amazing and captivating, much more than the Bryan/HHH/Orton story. And that’s not on purpose, its just organic. It’s easier to relate to a guy who’s lost everything and been taken advantage of than a guy who keeps winning but someone doesn’t want him to win.
        Look man, this is all about you liking Daniel Bryan and not getting what you want. I understand. I don’t fault you for that, but as a columnist, you should know the business you write about better. You know that Bryan won’t cool down. You know that he’s cemented as a top guy. You know that he’ll win the title eventually and the fans will blow up for it like they blow up for every face title reign. In fact, I’ll make you a deal. If the WWE puts Bryan permanently back in the midcard, I’ll personally come to your town and buy you lunch.

        • MikeS

          WRESTLING’S FAKE?!?! Since when?

          It’s still real to me, dammit

        • Kevin Bohorquez

          I agree with you, they may give Bryan a rest now, maybe because of his wedding….. Also, Bryan is right now the #1 choice for the Royal Rumble (IMO the most important win second to winning the WWE title at WM), I don’t see him winning the title in the coming weeks, I don’t know who they’ll put against Orton at SS, ’cause Big Show is facing Triple H, that’s for sure. SS teams will be the Wyatts, Kane and maybe two or three guys more vs a CM Punk led team.

        • MikeS

          If you paid any attention to what I said, Bryan isn’t my “favorite wrestler”. All of my favorite wrestlers are retired and/or dead, so that’s a moot issue.

          Honestly, does anyone even remember that he beat John Cena anymore? They haven’t even acknowledged it on TV since it happened.

          Trust me, I know quite a bit about “this business” that you hold in sacred regard. But that’s alright, Bryan will win the Rumble (already said that a few times) and win the title at Mania but by then he’ll have lost all momentum to move the ratings needle.

          But I’ve heard this argument before “he’s the underdog, he’ll defy authority, overcome the odds” blah blah blah. That’s been done, it’s over. The heel authority figure angle is dead.

          Oh well, enjoy your opinion

          • Rey Ca$h

            OK, let’s go here with this my man. Wrestling in it’s present incarnation has been around for over 60 years. Name me a new storyline that hasn’t been done, isn’t old or rehashed, and can be utilized to be the top storyline in a company. Odds are, you can’t. So, no storyline can be called dead. This time, the storyline has been tweaked from “I don’t like you and don’t want you to hold my belt” to “I think you’re good, just not that good enough to hold my belt”. Isn’t that a big difference?
            Also, I’d really like to hear your opinion on the ratings situation. I believe that due to a new generation of fans, DVRs and online streams, and wrestling still being technically “niche”, ratings will never be like they were in the Attitude Era. That’s why PG and the sponsors they have now are so important; they bring the extra income the company needs. With that being said, if Bryan turned out to be Stone Cold like in everything, I still think the ratings wouldn’t be much higher than a 3.0. So I think the ratings thing is a moot point.
            And you’re totally right. You did say all your favorite wrestlers were dead and I missed that. I apologize for getting that wrong.

        • MikeS

          Just one more thing, how does winning a title and losing it in 15 seconds show that the company “trusts you”? That makes zero sense to me

          • Rey Ca$h

            Name me all of the people that have won the WWE Championship. Then name everyone who’s wrestled in that company since it’s inception. It’s a small, elite class. Every wrestler who’s held that title is a definite hall of famer with the exception of The Miz. Whenever a wrestling company puts their top title on you, which means they sat down and decided to book you to win the title in the first place, it shows that they have plans for you.

  • Rey Ca$h

    I hate to leave two comments, but something else just crossed my mind concerning Triple H “hogging” the spotlight. Let’s be analytical here. Weren’t most of the fans saying just months ago and over the course of his career that Orton is boring? Weren’t they calling him Blandy Orton? But you guys want him to cut promos every week and be the lead guy?
    And, I know the IWC will hate this, but I’ve been watching wrestling for 20 years. I never watched the Indies, never wanted to, and probably never will. I heard about Bryan Danielson for years and didn’t give a damn because he wasn’t in the big 2, much like I wouldn’t care about the best player in the CFL because he’s not doing it against the best. Once he got to the WWE, I was NOT a believer because in ring talent will get you so far; dude was boring and void of charisma. He’s since proven me wrong, but my point is that you have a guy who until recently was nothing more than a great in ring technician and a guy who many have begged to keep out of the main event, yet those same people bitch about Triple H being in the storyline? Triple H gives both guys instant credibility, makes fans take notice, and does the one thing that neither have been able to do consistently in their careers: draw heat. Whether you hate Paul Levesque or Triple H, you feel some kind of way about him. That makes you feel some kind of way about Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. Wrestling 101.

    • SemajTheSellout

      I totally agree with this. Another point about HHH…. Who said he was done just because he’s running the company? He is and has always been a top mic guy, a great character, and to me a great in ring story teller. He’s hogging the spotlight because who’s proven he isn’t still a top guy?

      I honestly think people would treat Austin the same way if he was the one to marry into the family. Completely wiping clean what he’s done on TV prior just because he’s with the boss’ daughter. Like HHH wasn’t with the Kliq, didn’t put together DX, The DX army, or Evolution. This man knows what hes doing, and got that position because he is Sports Entertainment.

      P.S. FUCK BRET HART. For no reason other than his bland ass tried to give credibility to this anti HHH propaganda. lol

      • Rey Ca$h

        Triple H was a three time world champion before he dated Stephanie. I guess those don’t matter either.

  • bigdumbdumbs

    Wow, just wow, you guys are looking way to much into this thing called profesional wrestling entertainment. Shut your pie holes and just sit back and relax. Enjoy the show for once. JEEZ!!!!! Bunch of dumb dumbs

    • MikeS

      You took time to comment on a WRESTLING website about people discussing WRESTLING.

      This comment section is making me seriously doubt humanity…

    • Kevin Bohorquez

      Wait a minute, you are seriously saying this in a Wrestling page??

  • Robb Maynard

    I agree that Triple H may have an ego, but hes not stupid enough to actively try to sabotage his own company. Are talented performers buried in WWE nowadays! Of course. Drew McIntyre. Ryback is another example of late, Punk actually made him look ridiculous. But these stem from issues backstage we don’t entirely understand because we don’t have the whole story.

    But I don’t think those issues exist with Bryan. I think WWE really believes the best thing for business is to keep Bryan an underdog, that it does the most for hs character and his career. I agree with Rey, who would Bryan face if he won at Hell in a Cell? They could push a member of The Shield, likely Ambrose, but they’re performing strongly on the midcard as of now.

    I don’t think any burial of Bryan happened from losing, not cleanly, to Orton. I don’t think any burial happened to Sandow by cashing in his MITB on Cena unsuccessfully. Quite the opposite, he proved he has what it takes to put on a great match in a main event capacity, something I don’t think hes shown much up til now.

  • Robb Maynard

    I think this is also a symtom of kayfabe terminology leaking online to marks who think anytime someone loses, they’re getting “buried.” As if thats what buried means. Bryan is in high profile matches and storylines, working with HBK and making him tap out, he is so not buried, its ridiculous. Sorry that the IWCs favorite wrestler didn’t get booked with an extensive title run, you just got Punk for over a year in 2012. He did get two, TWO (albeit short, 18 seconds anyone?) WWE Title reigns. Sounds like a total jobber to me. Sorry every self-procaimed “Smark” thinks they can play Fantasy Booker and produce a better product. And sorry you get butthurt when your favorite guy doesn’t win and you feel like not watching anymore. To me, that is the very epitome of a mark, you’ve fallen so much for the product that its eliciting that kind of emotional distress in you. It is supposed to frustrate you, it is contrived to do so.

    And I also disagree that heels always need to get their comeuppance in the end. Sometimes the bad guy wins. Bryan might not get the title at WM. He might not win it for another year. He might never win it. Tripe H (in storyline) might be right, he might be destined to be a B+ player, he may be kayfabe fated to never get the brass ring. It doesn’t make his matches any less entertaining to me, because its his in-ring work that makes him special.

    • MikeS

      All of my favorite wrestlers are retired, so I really don’t care what happens to Daniel Bryan. But hey, this whole “WWE is right and you’re so whiny and wrong” is fine for an internet comment but could it also possibly be the reason that Raw’s ratings are hovering around 2.5 which is lower than 1996, when the company lost $6 million?

      But no, you’re totally right. I’m just a self-proclaimed “smark”, Vince McMahon is God, long hail the WWE and it’s savior, Paul Levesque.

      • Robb Maynard

        A requisite to being a smark is being smart, which you have thus far shown to fall short of in your editorial and comments. Of course ratings have fallen, the storylines haven’t been very good in the past couple months, but I’d look more at the fact that Bryan can’t carry the angle, not that he’s losing.

        Ratings will also fall because not everyone wants to watch a worked sport, and many of WWEs former viewers, esp during Attitude Era, didn’t think it was a work. That Era was good at blurring the line, but once those viewers caught wind/WWE let it become more obvious, viewers were lost. It’ll never get that big again, I imagine.

        And while I don’t believe WWE is always right, I do think HHH is good for business. And I think your “WWE is always wrong, all my fav wrestlers are dead anyhow” attitude is not only detrimental, but brings into question why you’re a columnist assigned to cover WWE in the first place.

        • MikeS

          You’re obviously new here, I’ve given WWE credit plenty of times when its done something right. My humblest apologies for not having a “super favorite wrestler” of the current era to mark out for and cheer for.

          Also, the Attitude Era was all about exposing wrestling as predetermined and breaking kayfabe, not what you just described.

          And FYI, I’m assigned to cover WWE because I’ve been doing it since 2001 and am the most charismatic author to ever enter your living room (or parent’s basement) via a computer screen.

          • Robb Maynard

            This post was supposed to be charismatic? Congratulations, you’re the Jeff Jarrett of Pro Wrestling Blogging.

            The Attitude Era was about playing with kayfabe, not outright breaking it, incidents like the Montreal Screwjob and HHH/Stephs “wedding” shows that. But because so much hardcore wrestling was implemented, it also reinforces kayfabe, thats what hardcore wrestling does. It says, how can this be fake when that looks so dangerous and must hurt so much. Wrestling is fake, look at Foley fall 16 feet and tell me that was fake. So, no, kayfabe was alive and well during the Attitude Era, only toyed with for fun.

  • tobimobi

    Bryan is getting even more over by being screwed of the title again and again. That is how they make the kids wanting him to win to. When DB finally wins it you will go on about at last the wwe listened to the iwc. And then you have been worked gentlemen. This is just grown men putting way to much thought into what they subjectively think should happen.

  • MoorReese

    The babyface chases the heel, have you even watched wrestling in the last 50 years? And its a scripted TV show. The promos are supposed to be scripted. Do you think the cast of Game of Thrones freestyle their lines? No, writers write a script and the cast reads it on camera. This is how television has worked for 75 years. Where have you been?