Miss USA-WWE Update, Lex Luger Autobiography, Submissions

– After her drunk driving trial last week, Miss USA Rima Fakih indicated that she was now working for WWE once again. It’s likely that she will be part of a WWE Network show when it launches or she may be introduced as a TV character. Fakih pleaded guilty to drunk driving charges. She will be sentenced on May 9th where she is expected to receive probation and serve it in the state of California, where she now lives.

– John Hollis of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is working with wrestling legend Lex Luger on a new autobiography. Apparently the book will have stories about how Luger managed to pass WWF drug tests years ago when he wasn’t clean.

– John Laurinaitis has announced via WWE’s website that a six-man tag team match will take place on Friday’s SmackDown. Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry and Cody Rhodes will team up to take on Randy Orton, The Great Khali and World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus.

– WWE’s website has a new article up looking at the top 25 submission holds of all-time. The top 5 includes The Million Dollar Dream at #5, the ankle lock at #4, John Cena’s STF at #3, The Undertaker’s Hell’s Gate at #2 and The Sharpshooter at #1.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter