Monday’s WWE Raw Rating Drops

Monday’s episode of WWE Raw scored a 2.85 cable TV rating, down from the previous week’s 3.07 rating. The episode averaged 3.936 million viewers. Raw averaged 3.690 million viewers the first hour, 4.146 million the second, and 3.974 million for the final third hour.

Raw ranked #2 on cable TV Monday night, trailing behind football and #2 in the key male demos behind the Comedy Central roast.


  • Willey

    so apparently John Cena is ratings, and Randy orton is not

  • Tabitha Landers

    It’s probably because most people think it’s getting too personal and going too far…

  • Mandy

    Let’s see WWE promotes anti-bullying but they are bullying in the ring. Children look up to their idols and WWE shows this kind of stuff

  • GaShane14

    Back up NXT week Edge = Ratings

  • Geoff

    Labor day, football’s back, franco roast. Not the bullying storyline, least for this week.