Monday’s WWE Raw Rating Drops & Viewership Drops With Each Hour

Monday’s taped episode of WWE RAW scored a 2.73 cable TV rating, down from the previous week’s 2.75 rating. As noted earlier, RAW this week averaged 3.768 million viewers, which is the fewest viewers since the October 7th episode.

This week’s show averaged 3.867 million viewers in the first hour, 3.834 million viewers in the second hour and 3.603 million viewers in the third and final hour which featured the big six on six angle to end the show.

RAW ranked #2 on cable TV Monday night behind the NFL Monday Night Football game.

  • CSawesomeness

    No wonder. The storyline is terrible!

    Everyone is bored and can pretty much predict what is going to happen.

    What they need to do is sack the creative team and bring in a new one as the current one haven’t a clue what they are doing.

    • James

      And audience in England are always dead; one of the most boring crowds to come across with.

      • Kiran Sahonta

        i can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic

  • Willey

    that probably means HHH and Stephanie will not take off RAWs for a while, I thought it was much better without them